A Typical Horror Story

I was having a sleepover with my friends. A normal sleepover, like every teenager usually has. It was all going perfectly. Games, movies, snacks…  we were having lots of fun.

But then, Alex, suggested:

-Let’s play a game that I brought, it’s called Ouija Board.

-What is that game?- said Natalie.

-It’s a board with all of the letters, and the words “yes” or “no”. You also have a wooden triangle with a glass, where you put your finger. It supposedly is possessed by a demon. You need to make him questions and he answers by moving the triangle.

-Sounds fun, let’s play!- said everyone.

We started playing. The game already set, some of my friends got scared and said that they didn’t want to play, so it was down to me, Alex and Natalie. The three of us put our fingers in the triangle and asked:

-Is anybody there?

Nothing moved.We repeated the question.

-Is anybody there?

Still no answer. We repeated the question several times, changed the question but we didn’t get an answer.

-This isn’t working!- I said.

-Probably it isn’t real… – Alex replied.

Suddenly all the lights shut down and the objects in the room started shaking like crazy. We all got scared.

-What is happening?- we all said.

-I think we shouldn’t have played that game- said Natalie.

Everyone started running hoping to be able to escaped. Unfortunately, we realised that the doors were locked. We tried to call the police, but they didn’t believe us and hung up.

Suddenly we saw a shadow and everybody started screaming. We couldn’t move because we were too terryfied to react. He was getting closer and he started to kill everyone, one by one. I was so scared that I started to cry because the shadow was killing my friends.

And when he was walking to me I just closed my eyes and…

Suddenly I woke up and I saw all of my friends sleeping. And then I remembered, I had fallen asleep watching horror movies.

And now, every time they ask me to play that game I don’t let them play that game. I don’t want to see my friends being killed again.


Tomás Sousa

You Will Be Next!

While Liza was walking to Mark’s house, her phone rang. It was her mum. She said to go fast to her friend’s house because she had heard in the news that there was a killer in the streets of the city. When Liza arrived to Mark’s house, his family was shocked because they had also heard the news.

The two friends were in his bedroom to do their homework for school. Liza was looking through the window when suddenly she saw a dark shadow in an abandoned house. She told Mark what she had seen and he decided to investigate.

They went to the house and hid behind a wall. They looked through a window and they saw a strange man who was carrying dead bodies. He put them on a chair and, with the blood of the dead, he wrote on the wall “You Will Be Next”. Liza stepped on a pair of glasses which made a big noise. Fortunately the strange man didn’t heard. But unfortunately Mark’s phone started to ring. At that moment they started running but the killer cought them. He took them to the house.

Nobody knows what happened to them and nobody talks about them.


Mariana Soutelo

Camping with friends

In the holidays I was with friends on a camping trip in Gerês. Where a strange thing happened…

We were lost in the middle of nowhere without our phones. It was really late and no one had found us. We only had a torch and a map and we had to find our camp, We had started to walk when our torch broke because we were really worried that we let our torch fall. From that moment we didn’t have anything to light our way. The forest was enormous and we were afraid to get lost so we were all the time looking for the map. we had seen some tents and we thought that was our camp we were wrong. That was the camp of other people. we had seen a car so we decided to ask for help. Fortunately they were really nice and they gave us a ride to our camp.        Ana Rita Pires Silva

A stupid gummie bear!!

A stupid gummie bear

Well , I’m going to talk about a story which has always been in my memory.

I was in the 5th grade and I was very nervous because I was going to have a trumpet concert, and at the moment I only thought “I’m not going to do it well” “I must clean my trumpet” “I’m going to get the music wrong” Well that was true. I had to clean my trumpet. When my teacher called me to the stage, I felt confident. I put the trumpet to my lips and started to blow but… no music came out! I was very nervous in front of 500 people in the Auditório Adelina Caravana. My teacher had tried to help me and then a gummie came out!

I only had listened people laugh but I didn’t know how that gummie was going to be there. Then, I remember that on the last day I was with my cousin and we had been eating gummies when played my trumpet. I laughed together with the audience.


Inês Bastos

adults 3y

Short stories from Adult3Y – My football team

My Football Team


When was five years old me and my best friend, Alexandre, had to create a new football team, when this experience started, we had little players in the team.

The football team was very good, we’d had very good players but the best player was me.

In my first time, we won many trophies and medals but we’d had some problems.

Last the players they had to leave the team and the team lost a lot of tournaments.

I and my best friend were very unhappy.

My dream had finished in this moment and I was very sad.


João Vieira

Somewhere on a Friday morning, on 13th January of 1945..

Somewhere on a Friday morning, on 13th January of 1945, a man called Michael, a famous lawyer was recruited to find some papers in a mansion, called Marshland’s house. He arrived at that house in the morning, but he was travelling to death. That mansion was an enormous one, with private cemetery, where the family was all buried.

Old legends say that in the house lives the soul of Jane Marshall, a woman that, so tells the legends, every time that she is seen, a child dies in horrible circumstances. She is called the woman in black.

Well, Michael entered the house where he found obscure decoration, with lots of scary porcelain figures. But without fear, he went directly to a box, with some papers, death certificates and more. But he was looking for the house documents, when he heard steps walking in his direction. He looked back, but there was nobody, but when he turned to front, a terrible face, the woman in black’s face was shouting to his face. He got very scared and started running. He was trying to escape but there was no escaping. But, he saw an open window and he escaped from there. But, too late, he had already seen the woman, so when he came to the village he saw a girl, like a porcelain toy, very white. She drank leaches, and she was close to dying. He was trying to save her, but when he looked back, the woman in black was there, and the girl started bleeding from the mouth. He started running again, trying to escape with his life, and when he arrived to the hotel, he went quickly to his room.

So, Michael closed the door and knew at the moment that he had made a terrible mistake.

By João Pedro, FCE1 Saturday


Michael closed the door and knew at that moment that he had made a terrible mistake.

Michael closed the door and knew at that moment that he had made a terrible mistake.

Michael was late for an appointment with friends, therefore he left home really fast. When after he closed the door he suddenly realized that he had forgotten his coat, because he started feeling the cold wind. So he came to the door and put his hand in his pocket to pick up the keys to open the door, but unfortunately the keys weren’t there, he had forgotten   them at home.

He was feeling very worried, he couldn’t stay on the street because of the freezing weather without a coat so had to enter in his house, since he without the coat he couldn’t go out with friends.  He decided to call his friends to explain his delay and told them that he would figure out the problem very quickly, but they decided to go to Michael’s house so that they could help him.

The only solution that they find was to enter a window, but as they didn´t have any ladder, they had to stand on top of each other to reach that. After a lot of attempts, he finally could get into the house, but at the same time his parents arrived home. Since it was late to go to a snack bar to eat something, everyone ate in Michael’s house.

Maria Simões FCE1 Saturdays

The biggest mistake

Michael closed the door and knew at that moment that he had made a terrible mistake. He had left the keys inside his home. Michael was really worried because his parents were away on holidays and he couldn’t remember  any way to get other keys. But then, he remembered his parents told him there was a supply key below the carpet next to his door. He was really relieved. When he was checking if the key was there or not, he had had a surprise. The key wasn’t there! He was even more nervous than he was before! There was only one solution left. He had to ask to a friend to sleep and eat in his home till his parents ended their holidays, because he didn’t want to bore his parents.

His day wasn’t really going well, but it got worse. All his friends, or better, those who he called friends, weren’t willing to let him ever enter. Even his best friend, refused to let him enter. He wasn’t expecting this attitude from his supposed friends, he was really sad. He had only one option left, he had to sleep on the street on that cold night. He managed to discover a place with some protection for the rain and also, some things to warm him up. What he didn’t know was that a family would discover him and help him as well. On the next day, he woke up on a bed and he couldn’t understand what had happened till a man came in and explained him all. He told Michael that he was safe and asked for his parents’ number to tell them what had happened. Everything went right and he got home as soon as his parents arrived.

In the end, he realized he hadn’t true friends and that for a true friendship is needed much more that he thought it was. Despite all this, he was successful because of this experience. He wrote a book about friendship and he got many awards.

By David Kramer FCE1 Saturdays

The biggest mistake

“ Michael closed the door and knew at that moment that he had made a terrible mistake.”

Michael was an athletic guy with no fear, he thought that no one and nothing could hurt him. But we all know that no one is unbreakable.

One day around three o’clock in the morning Michael was at home by himself or at least he thought he was. Michael started to hear some strange noises coming from his kitchen.  It seemed like someone was warming something in the micro wave. So Michael decided to get up and went to the kitchen and for his surprise nothing strange and no one was there except that there was a cup of milk warming in the micro wave……..

He got scared and got out of the house. In the moment that he closed the door he realised that he had made a terrible mistake.

Because he remembered that earlier his sister had asked him if she could sleep there for the night and she had the keys of the house.

By Ana Carolina FCE1 Saturdays

The biggest mistake

Michael closed the door and knew at that moment that he had made a terrible mistake, a mistake that would haunt him for the rest of his life, but now he has no choice.

The people that he thought would help him, endup messing his life, but to understand Michael’s story we have to go back to a time when crime rule the cities, a time when people were afraid to leave their homes, a time when big revolutions occurred.

Michael was seventeen years old and he recently had had to leave school to work in a shoe factory, he loved going to school and he was very intelligent, always had good grades but he had to help his family pay the bills and to put food on the table.

One day when he was leaving the factory, he noticed a small paper in his coat pocket. The paper said:

Meet me at the abandoned factory tomorrow near the theatre. It’s important, you are in  great danger. I’m the only one who can help you!” 

Maybe someone had put the paper there when he was working, he didn’t know. One thing he was sure he had to go to the factory to find out what was going on…

By Mariana Alves FCE1 Saturday

The haunted burned house

photo by @helenstrong on http://www.flickr.com/photos/eltpics

Once upon an time, a young couple were searching for a place to spend the night. They were driving through the thick fog, when they saw the lights of a house in the middle of nowhere. They parked the car and then  they asked a man if they had a room to spend the night and the man said yes. The couple offered money but he refused. After that the man invited them to have dinner with him and his wife. Before morning the man left an envelope on the window. In the morning the couple went to a place called “Joe’s Dinner” to have breakfast. There the owner asked them where they had slept, and the young man said the they had slept in a house back there, but the owner said that the house had been destroyed by a fire  fifteen years ago. Surprised, they went back to the old couple’s house and when they got there, the house was with the roof destroyed, the door was full of termites holes, the windows were broken and weeds were so big that they covered the porch.The young man entered the house and in the kitchen window there was a scorched envelope  that the old man had left the night before. Suddenly the crossbeam fell, the house collapsed and the young couple were caught in the disaster, so they died and no one discovered there bodies.

Two months later, in the same house, another couple appeared. They knocked on the door and the old man suddenly appeared and to answered the door….

Tiago and Jorge (M/W)

the crime of burn-house

photo by @sandymillin on http://www.flickr.com/photos/eltpics

One foggy night, a couple – Joaquim and Joana – drove along a creepy road searching for shelter, when suddenly they found a old house with the lights on. They knocked on the door and fortunately a nice old men called Atilano welcomed them into their house.They met his wife Adelina, they ate with them and gradually they got to know each other.

After dinner they went to the room that was chosen by Atilano. The couple wanted to pay them but they said “No! I don’t want your money!” The couple went in the room and they went to sleep. The next day they woke up early and left an envelope with money near the window. Obviously, the couple searched for a cafe to have breakfast and when they arrived they had coffee and the maid gave them the newspaper and suddenly their heart stopped. To their surprise, when they left the house began to burn for no reason at all. Unfortunately, they found out that Atilano and Adelina died. Immediately, the couple reacted, they went to the car and drove as fast as they could to the house to search for clues about the crime, but they only found the now burnt envelope with the money because the other things where in ash.

The cops thought that they were responsible for that act, so they ran to the airport and they stole tickets to Mexico (Cancun) and they left happy for ever and ever.

Sofia and Rogério


photo by @sandymillin on http://www.flickr.com/photos/eltpics

One night a couple was going to a friend’s house when they got lost in the thick fog. It was very late and they didn’t have a place to stay the night. Suddenly, after a long search, they saw an isolated house and they decided to ask for help.

An old man came to the door and  he asked if they needed a place to stay the night. They answered that they did and offered to pay, but the man, very politely, offered to help them for free. The couple spent the night there and in the morning they had lunch with the man and with his wife. They thanked them very much and they continued their trip .

After two days they arrived at their friend’s house when the woman realized that she had forgotten a very important envelope in the house where they spent the night. They went there fast, but they didn’t find the house, they just found some ruins. There was a restaurant some miles from the isolated house and they decided to go there to ask what had happened to the elderly couple. The restaurant owner explained that, unfortunately, there had been a fire and everything turned into ashes. The couple realized that the house owners’ were dead because they saw a newspaper headline informing the tragic accident. The couple felt bad for them because they were very nice people and didn’t deserved what happened.

To honor the dead couple, they decided to buy the burned-out house and reconstruct it to make a new house.

João & Carolina (M/W)

The Tragic Housefire

photo by @ShellTerrell on http://www.flickr.com/photos/eltpics

One day, my husband and I decided to go to my grandma’s home village. We were midway there, but unfortunately there was a thick fog, so we pulled over as fast as we could. We entered the local cafe and we asked for a cup of tea. The waiter gave us a newspaper, which seemed to be old. The headline was about a local couple who had died in a tragic house fire. In the middle of the newspaper we found a really creepy envelope. We opened it and it had a map. At first, we thought it was a map from the cafe, but then we realized that it was related to the story we had read. So we thought it was a good idea to investigate on our own. We went to the house and it was completely in ruins. Inside was an old and burned envelope. The letter was actually a will. The poor couple were already writing about giving their house to their eldest daughter…we thought:

“So this house was supposed to be given to their eldest daughter..!”

“Yes, and there were probably more children because they talked about the eldest one.”

“Yeah, probably some of their other kids were preparing a revenge and they did this”

“Oh?! That’s too strong! Do you really believe that a kid could do that to his parents?”

“I don’t know, this world is full of crazy people!”

“Yeah, maybe.”

We ended the conversation because we thought we needed more help, so we decided to go to my grandma’s house. When we arrived there my grandparents received us really gently and we asked them for an opinion. While we were having dinner, me and my husband told them the story and it just blew their minds away. My grandpa said that perhaps we were just imagining something that didn’t really happen. I was really confused, and maybe that was just our imagination.

At the end of the night we didn’t have a place to stay and since my grandma’s house didn’t have more rooms, my grandpa gave us money to stay in an hotel. We appreciated it and left.

At this moment, I’m here, in my house, thinking about that letter…and I really cannot understand why that couple died in a house fire. This is completely weird.

Ana Margarida & Mariana (M/W)

A burned house

@thornburyscott on http://www.flickr.com/photos/eltpics

One night, a couple, Jiornado and Miquelina, were driving a car in the middle of no where and sudently they found an isolated house, so they decided to knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“We are Jiordano and Miquelina and we are lost. Can you help us?”

“Sure. Come inside and eat with us.”

“Thank you very much.”

While they were eating they were talking about how had they met each other and about their jobs…At the end the old man invited them to sleep there because it was dark and they couldn’t see anything.

Before they went to sleep, the old man thought that they were good people so he wanted to give them the house when he and his wife died, so he offered them an envelope with the will.

The next day the couple went home. Five days later they were in a café and, while they were having breakfast, they saw in the newspaper the title “Local couple die in tragic house fire”, so they decided to go to the old couple’s house and they had an awful surprise. The couple in the newspaper were their friends. They saw the destroyed house and they went in and they set their eyes on the burned envelope with the will inside. The envelope was left in the house.

Cláudia and Guilherme (M/W)