M&M’s Quiz

1. What is the most delicious chocolate sweet ever invented?

2. Who was the first king of China?

3. What is the third smallest country in the world?

4. How long did the oldest human being live?

5. Who is the smartest person in the world?

By: Ana Margarida and  Mariana

the best quiz

Who is the most well known chef in the world?

What´s the most popular theme park in the world?

Who is the most popular singer in the USA?

What’s the most popular football team in the world?

Who is the most popular referee in the world?

by Margarida and Guilherme


What is the biggest waterfall in the world?

What is the video with most dislikes on youtube?

What is the most watched movie ever?

What is the most expensive car in the world?

What is the biggest animal in the world?


by Sofia Monteiro and Jorge Fernandes

quiz time

What is the fifteenth biggest country, in terms of territory, in the world?

Who’s the best chef in the world?

What’s the most viewed video on youtube?

What’s the scariest movie in the world?

Which’s the less spoken language in the world?

by Tiago and Cláudia


  1. Who’s the sexiest man in the world?
  2. Who’s the sexiest woman in the world?
  3. What’s the second most heard song on youtube?
  4. What’s the song that has the most number of dislikes on youtube?
  5. What’s the second most seen movie?

By: Carolina, João & Jorge

R to Z Quiz

A football club beginning with R

A football player playing for Inter Milan beginning with S

A capital city beginning with T

A Portuguese football coach beginning with U

The player who scored the most goals in World Cup 2010 beginning with V

A football club of the Premier League beginning with W

The best player in the world in 2006 beginning with Z

By Diogo and Nuno (post-elementary)



A to I Quiz

A fruit beginning with A

A sport beginning with B

A transport beginning with C

A river in Hungary beginning with D

A country in Europe beginning with E

A part of the body beginning with F

Cartoons beginning with G

A type of style beginning with H

A country beginning with I

( By Carolina and Francisca )


The romantic city of Paris

Paris is a wonderful city because of many  things, such as the monuments, the river, parks and the street life. The most famous monument is the Eiffel Tower that is gorgeous and always has lots and lots of tourists trying to visit it. Other famous sights are the Louvre, the cathedral of Notre Dame and the  Arc de Triomphe. There are lots of green spaces with beautiful fountains all around the city. Paris is quite famous because of the avenue of Champs Elysées. At night Paris is a very exciting place to be because there are lots of bars, discos and people walking around. Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world.

What do you know about Paris?

1. Why was the Eiffel Tower built?

a) To be the entrance to a big exhibition.

b) To honour the God of the Sun.

c)To honour some important French people.

2. Which king lived in the Louvre?

a) Louis V

b) Louis II

c) Louis XIV

3. What´s the name of the river that crosses Paris?

a) Nile

b) Seine


Marta and Leonor


It’s a city in the north with a mixture of modern and old-fashioned. It’s a historical city with Roman ruins. It hasn’t many industries but has a beautiful view of the city from Bom Jesus.

Now we some questions about Portugal.

Which is the longest river “born” in Portugal?

a) Tejo

b) Douro

c) Mondego

Who was the last king of Portugal?

a) D. Manuel II

b) D. Maria

c) D. Afonso Henriques

Pedro, Daniel e Miguel.

Quiz about Portugal

1. How many districts does Portugal have?

a) 17

b) 20

c) 18


2. What’s the most cultural city in Portugal?

3.Does “Estádio de Dragão” have more capicity than “Estádio da Luz”?

4. What’s the largest dynasty?

a) 1st

b) 2nd

c) 3rd

5. What’s the name of the biggest river that starts and finishes in Portugal?

a) Tejo

b) Mondego

c) Guadiana

6. What’s the name of the Portuguese river that runs south to north?

a) Douro

b) Este

c) Sado

Inês and Catarina


Which team in Portugal has more national titles? (João’s question)

A) Benfica

B) F.C. Porto

C) Sporting

Who was the last President  of 1st Republic? (Sofia’s question)

A) Sidónio Pais

B) Canto e Castro

C) Manuel Teixeira Gomes

What is the Portuguese player that has more international appearances than ever in the Portuguese team? ( Nuno’s question)

A) Ronaldo

B) Figo

C) Eusébio



1. What city that people speaks Portuguese correctly?

  • Lisbon
  • Coimbra
  • Porto

2. What is the first Portuguese football team ?

  • Sporting
  • SL Benfica
  • FC Porto

3. Who was the first president of portugal ?

  • Teofilo Braga
  • Manuel de Arriaga
4. What was the first team of Cristiano Ronaldo ?
  • Desportivo das Aves
  • Leixões
  • Sporting
5. How D. Pedro V died ?


Flávio, Maria