Boys’ tragic night out

Three friends met at seven o’clock in the afternoon. They wore the same clothes because they are fans of the same football team.

Then they went to an Italian restaurant, La Piola. The friends had dinner, they ate tuna pizza and drank beer, while they talked about girls and football.

After that, they went to the stadium to watch a great match between Guimarães and Braga. Their favourite team is Braga.

The three poor men were very sad because Braga lost. So they had a lot of drinks! To forget the defeat, they went to Sardinha Disco and they danced and drank even more.

When they were very, very drunk, they decided to go home by taxi.

Finally, they got home at two a.m. and they slept together. On the next morning when they turned on the television, they saw  their wives crying and shouting because the women thought that their husbands had been kidnapped.

Sofia Mendes & Tânia Freitas


Boys’ night out

On Saturday night, Chris met his friends John and Anthony at 7.00. They wore Chelsea t-shirts. Before the football game, they went for dinner in an Italian restaurant. The friends ate pizza and drank beer, and they talked non-stop about girls and football. After that, they went to the stadium and they watched the football game. Because their team lost, they only had one drink and then they went to the disco. The men had a lot fun and danced for a long time. As they drank a lot, they went home by taxi. After this boys’ night out, they finally got home at 2.00.

Amália Pinto and Carina Oliveira

Boys’ night out


At seven o’clock John, Chris and Anthony met in the street, they talked about their plans for the night. They decided to wear the same t-shirts from their favourite team. First, they went to a restaurant, a pizza place, they had three different pizzas and three beers. During dinner they talked about many things especially girls and football. After that, the three friends went to the stadium to watch their favourite football team, but the team lost. Then they had more drinks to forget that, so they went to a disco to have a good time. They danced all night  until they felt tired and drunk, so they went home by taxi and at two o’clock they got home.

Marco Rodrigues & Kelly Brito

A windy day

Last summer Bob and Anna went to a campsite in England.They were happy and excited about their holiday. When they arrived at a small village it was sunny and warm.

After seeing the campsite they went to visit the castle. The Castle was very old and big; they say the king lived here for a long time. The castle had  3 rooms, 1 big bedroom for the king and his wife, another bedroom for their children and 1 dining room. There were also old objects like weapons, the kings goblet and the kings crown.

They took a lot of pictures of the castle to show their family. When they left the castle they went to have dinner in the main square.

While they were having dinner the weather changed and the sun disappeared. They felt angry because it was their only day in the village. When they arrived at the campsite it started raining and it was very windy.

They tried to put up the tent but it was too windy and rainy. So, they decided to sleep in the car. And the next day in the morning they decided go home.

José Carlos and Pedro

Summer holidays

Last summer, Bob and Anna were camping in a romantic part of the north of France. When they arrived in a small village, they noted that the sun wasn’t very hot, it was warm.

First they went  to a big castle where kings had been living. They visited  the castle where they took a lot of photos. Later they had dinner in a beautiful restaurant in the main square.

While they were having dinner the weather changed and dark clouds appeared in the sky. After that they went back to the camp-site because it was raining and very windy ( bad weather for camping).

Bob and Anna were trying to put up the tent but they couldn’t because it was too windy. Finally they decided to sleep in the car.

Gabriela, Margarida & Carla

Summer Holidays

Last summer Bob and Anna went camping in France by car. They arrived in a beautiful village and the sun was very warm. The village was small with a castle, a restaurant, a hotel and a main square with a small shops. They visited the castle and after that they went to have dinner at a restaurant in the main square. When they were having dinner, the weather changed; there were dark clouds in the sky and a storm was starting. When they arrived at the campsite it was raining and windy. They tried to put up the tent but it was very windy and they got very wet. Finally, they decided to sleep in the car. It was a very frustrating end to the day!

Bruna and Beatriz

Meet Alcina

Alcina was born in Oporto on 16th February. She is a dentist and she studied in Externato Carvalho Araújo. Alcina’s mother name is Conceição and she is her hero. Her favourite food are pizza and meat. She doesn’t like the cinema and she hasn’t got any favourite bands. She hasn’t got any pets. Alcina’s favourite clothes are t-shirts and shorts.

By Francisco

Carla’s profile

My friend’s name is Carla Sofia Rodrigues and she was born in Braga. She is a marketing consultant. She is married and has two beautiful daughters. She takes a lot of care with her health: she likes salads and fish and plays outdoor sports.

Her ambition is to work on a big company board, so that is the reason she is studying English now.


Meet António

This is António Inácio, he was born in Ruílhe in 1969. Now, he lives in Tibães, Braga. He is married and has got two children, a boy and a girl. At present, he works in Orfama, a multinational company in Braga, but his ambition is to work abroad. In his free time, he works as a farmer. He has a cat and a dog. He loves typical Portuguese food, but he doesn’t like fish.  He watches a little tv, but he hates soap operas!

By Carla & Sofia


Meet Leandro

This is Leandro Ribeiro, he has born in São Lázaro, Braga. He lives in Sequeira, Braga. He is an accountant. He’s married and he has got two daughters. He studied management and acounting in Fernando Pessoa University in Oporto. His hobbies are playing football with his children and going to the gym. His favourite foods are chicken and codfish. He loves U2 music and his favourite film is “The Cinderella”. His ambition is to speak English fluently.

By António, Carla and Sofia.