FCE1 Limericks

Edward Lear











There was a green girl from Mars
Who once had been behind bars
With only one eye
She looked up at the sky
Hoping to count all the stars
By Carolina, Mafalda, Luísa & Jorge

There once was a big boy full of hope
Of becoming the main councillor of the pope
But he was very rude
And always in a bad mood
So he relaxed by learning to skip rope
By Tiago, Leo, José Pedro & Beatriz

There was a little girl from Braga
Who wanted a turtle like Lady Gaga
So she searched every store
Up to the last floor
And she finally found one in Prague-ah!
By Jorge F, Carolina, Sofia & Mariana V.

There was a class that was crazy
Anna hated the way they were lazy
They learned useful things
Such as guitar strings
And her day stopped being so hazy
By Carolina M, Mariana F, Margarida & Sofia