Agony Aunt Letter – “My Best Friend Copied My Work In A Test”

Dear Auntie Pat,

I need your help to resolve a problem that I’ve got at school.

Yesterday in Maths lesson, while we were doing a test, my friend copied my work.

I’m not sure but I think the teacher saw what he was doing. I’m feeling very bad, because I know that isn’t right what is he doing, but he is my friend and I don’t want to say to the teacher.

What I’m going to do?


Ana Xisca, aged 13

Agony Aunt Reply – “My Best Friend Copied My Work In A Test”

Dear Ana Xisca,

It’s really bad you’re friend copied your work in the test.

If you not sure your teacher knows your friend copied by you, you shouldn’t tell the teacher because sometimes you have to copy.

I know it’s wrong copy but sometimes you need.

You don’t have to feel bad, just continue your life likes nothing happened.

I hope I have help you.

And don’t forget, copy!

Agony Aunt Letter – “I’m Being Bullied At School”

Dear Auntie Pat,

I’m writing this letter because I’m being bullied at school.

In my class, the students makes fun about me.

I’m fat and I’m new in the school.

The other children don’t like me. In the breaks, every times, I’m alone.

Sometimes, the students steal me the money and kick me.

I’m afraid but I can’t say what’s happening to my parents or my teacher because they just do worse.

Can you help me?

I’m 12.

Agony Aunt Reply – I’m Being Bullied At School

Dear ……………,

You should ignore what they say. You have to talk with your parents, you have to be more confident and believe in yourself.

You should be strong and don’t be afraid. You have to do others friends.

Then you’ll feel happier. Write to me and let me know what happens!

I belive in you! Don’t give up!


Agony Aunt Letter – “I’m Fat And I Want To Lose Weight”

Dear Auntie Pat,

I’m writting because I need your advice about a problem I’ve got.

I’m very fat and classmates bullied me. I don’t have friends. When I come to my home I go to my beddroom and I start crying a lot.

My parents are worried about me!

I would like to be normal. I really need to lose weight.

Please help me!

Capitolina Bonifacia, 13 years.

Agony Aunt Reply – “I’m Fat And I Want To Lose Weight”

Dear Capitolina Bonifacia,

You should consult a nutritionist, so he can give you more advice of how to start and finish a diet. You should went to a gym, so you can make more exercise and get more thin.

If you aren’t interested in get more thin you should consult a psychologist so he or she resolve your emotional problem. You also should talk to your teachers or your school director to tell your classmates stop bullying you.

When you feel more happy and confident, and when your problem be solved, write another letter and tell me everything that happened to you since then.

With love,

Auntie Pat.

Agony Aunt Letter – “My Parents Won’t Let Me Go Out!”

Dear Auntie Pat,

I’m writing because I need your advice about a problem I’ve got.

My parents won’t let me go out with my friends because they think I’m too young to do it. They are also afraid that something will happen to me. I’m the only one in my class who don’t go out and I feel very lonely about that.

Can you help me?

Ze da Branco

Agony Aunt Reply – “My Parents Won’t Let Me Go Out!”

Dear Ze,

I think that you should talk with your parents.

Tell them that you just go out on Fridays or Saturdays night, and just to middle-night.

If you have tests you should study for it and don’t go out. You also should say to your parents that you are growing up.

Don’t forget school!!

Write to me and let me know what happens!