This story of this house

Once upon a time a family lived in this building. This family had many children and some of them were adopted. In 1985 the Pereiras left this house and a rich English businessman decided to build an English school called “International House”.

Since then students have learned English and other languages here. There is a room for teachers to enjoy their breaks, lots of classrooms and a computer room with lots of technological equipment. The teachers are very good and professional and they prepare students for their future. Sometimes we can hear the Pereiras’ spirits who died in this house.

Francisco & Beatriz (A3Y)

A big family

In Braga, Rua dos Chãos, where IH now is, there was a house with nine people, on the first floor was the entrance hall, on the second floor were the kitchen, the living room and the parents’ room as well as the bathroom.On the third floor were the children’s room and two bathrooms, and finally on the attic, it was the office where father worked and the children studied.

Every day after brushing their teeth and getting dressed, all the members of the family went to the living-room and watched some TV and there they had lunch.

In the afternoon they went to the office to study. Next they went to the living-room and had dinner.


Henrique & Pedro

Our lonely house

With me, there were three of us. We were just a few people for a house like that and sometimes we felt lonely. We had three dogs and two turtles. We also had an aquarium. At that time, turtles were really fast so we had turtle races. There were rooms with just a little furniture and the bathrooms were so big that some had two bathtubs. We had a lot of pictures on the walls and most of them were portraits. We collected cars and we had a really boring neighbor that was always asking for money. We didn’t have lots of things but if we wanted to, we could, because we were wealthy. I’m glad we moved because, personally, I didn’t like that house. It was too big for me. I hope the kids who are studying there like it more than I did.

Tita & Xavier

Adults 3  young

Wounderful home

My name is Ana Margarida and I’m going to tell you where I lived when I was a child.

I lived in a buillding in the town centre which had three large floors. My favourite part of the house was my bedroom on the second floor with a balcony where I could look at the garden.

I lived with my parents, siblings (brother and sister) and my grandparents too. We were a big family.

We were a rich family and we had a lot of rooms, for example a big library and an office. I was jealous of my parents’ bathroom, because they had a big bath and in the wall a fish tank.

I miss my home. It was a big home but it was cosy, I felt very well in there.

Ana Margarida Freitas Pereira & Ana Luísa Vilaça Pinheiro