Optimus Alive – 30 Seconds to Mars!

It was one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to in my life, because 30 seconds to mars were there! As soon as I knew they were coming to Portugal, where I live, I booked my ticket, I was so excited!

At Optimus Alive’13 the atmosphere was electric, everybody was screaming, singing, jumping, doing crazy things. I loved the experience.

The band that I expect was 30 seconds to mars, I arrived in the arena at 13.00 pm, the concert must start at 21.00 pm, but unfortunately they started at 23.00 pm, two hours late, it was the bad thing, I was so tired, but when they started singing, I “woke up”  and started jumping and screaming.

Jared Leto is the singer, Shannon Leto is the drummer and Tomo Milicevic is the guitarist, they form 30 seconds to mars.

The concert itself included some of their biggest hits, such as, “hurricane”, “this is war”, “closer to the edge”, among others, an extraordinary band.

The quality of the performance was amazing, lots of lights, the singer was very comfortable with the crowd, he touched the fans. At a point he took off his t-shirt and throw it to the fans. An unforgettable moment, but I couldn’t catch it.

The only problem for me was that when the concert ended at 1.00 am it started to get very cold and  people disappeared, it was so awkward.

If they come again to Portugal I’ll definitely go again, but this time I want to stay in the front to touch him!

Rosa FCE1






Tomorrowland is the best music festival in the whole world.

In 2014, last year, in Belgium it  was the 10th birthday. The price of the ticket was cheaper than  other years, so I bought mine ten months later.

It’s four days of electronic music all afternoon, and night without time to rest. It was the best festival of my life! The best acts there, in my opinion, were Skrillex, David Guetta, Steve Aoki and Axwell, but of course, there were many others that I really enjoyed. The place looked so small but actually had space for  90,000 people. I saw everyone from everywhere, Chinese people, French, Portuguese, Brazilian, etc. I was amazed with that people. We all got along well, we only wanted music and nothing else was important.

We were all crazy even it there was no music playing.

Many people fell over, only because of the emotion. the public was all sink each other, it was incredible and unbelievable!

The only point that I didn’t like so much was that there were too many people and it was too hot, but of course I want to repeat this awesome trip.

Claudia FCE1

Bon Jovi

The first concert I remember that I’ve ever been too was Bon Jovi’s rock concert.

It was in Lisbon and I went there with my mother. We weren’t, by far, the craziest people there. Out of hundreds of excited fans, we were totally normal!


When they first started playing I was shocked! I only really saw the singer because I’d always thought he was gorgeous and had an amazing voice. But the guitar player was just as stunning as him singing. I mean, he played very hard stuff! He is very talented. The rest of the band was also brilliant, needless to say!


In two hours of concert they touched people’s emotions in a way I had never seen! The audience (I don’t even know if this word actually fits here) was erupting! People were laughing, smiling, screaming, jumping and singing along with them. And I don’t judge the people because the songs, that are already beautiful just by themselves, were sang with such a good energy that everyone got happy!


I loved every single part of it and I loved being able to share that unforgettable night with my mum. The moment I probably got craziest was when they played “Always”, which is one of my favourite songs. That said, I don’t think I have any negative point about my first big experience. Well, maybe except one: it could have lasted longer!

Beatriz FCE1

Local music in Braga…….

André Pacheco Live Music

            This year I met a guy called André Carreiro Pacheco, who came from a musical school, which made me curious to go to a concert of his.

A few months after he invited me to his concert, all the people that had already seen him in concert told me that he does a lot of crazy things while he is on the stage, so obviously I bought my ticket.

He usually plays guitar in a band, but he decided to play and perform a solo concert. He put posters all over the town, saying “André Pacheco Live Music”.

On the night before the concert I googled him and a song came up called “O dragão que não cuspia fogo”, it was a bit disappointing because I thought that he was a better singer.

It was an outdoor gig. In the beginning of the concert there were hundreds of people, which isn’t normal because it was a Monday night, but nobody seemed to care, because everyone was singing the music that was playing form the speakers.

When he came to the stage everyone was whispering and encouraging him. He started playing the guitar and he was superb, but when he started singing everything got worse. His voice was horrible and everybody started laughing out loud.

He played some songs from his first and only album and the atmosphere passed from euphoric to flat and disappointing. Everything changed when he ripped off his t-shirt like a rock star and everyone got into it and he finished the concert with an awesome solo which kind of made up for the bad or the negative part.

If I can, I would definitely repeat the experience, just to have the opportunity to record him ripping off his t-shirt.


João Amaral de Pinho Morim Lopes FCE1

Nova Era Beach Party

NovaEraBeach Party

                Last Year I went for Nova Era Beach Party in Porto and it was a fantastic experience because I could see some famous dj`s like Avicii, Sweedish House Mafia, Steave Aoki, Martin Solveig and Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike.

At the 20th edition of Nova Era Beach Party were three thousand fans to see their favourite artists and this was the reason that I went because this festival had a great audience. The atmosphere at the festival was amazing and electric when the artists were playing. The quality of performance was very good but in my opinion the best performance was Avicii and Martin Solveig, Avicii because their music was spectacular and Martin Solveig because their interaction with the public was incredible. The only problem for me was the crowds.

In the future if I have the opportunity to see some of these artists again, I will go to see them.

Diogo Cruz FCE1

Alicia Keys live in concert

I had always wanted to go to a concert of Alicia Keys because she has got an amazing voice and she is also an inspiration for me and all her fans. And it was on the night of 16 June 2013 that I saw one of the greatest concerts of ever: Alicia Keys at Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisbon!

When I arrived there, the atmosphere was electric and the crowd were very excited for her performance. Suddenly, thousands of fans started to scream for the concert to start, and a few minutes later, she was there, in the middle of the stage singing her biggest hits for the enthusiastic people. She also played some songs that I didn’t know, but even so, I liked it!

I loved the concert, it was a fantastic and unforgettable night! I think she sings spectacularly on her CD’s but her live performance is even better.

The only problem for me was that on that same night, I had had a guitar concert. I really wanted to go but at the end, I chose to go went to see Alicia, the singer who inspires me in the world of music, because we didn’t have always the chance to seeing someone so famous singing.

Rita FCE1

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd Live Concert


There’s a big announcement saying Pink Floyd is giving a concert in few weeks in my town. Everybody is talking about that, so I must book my ticket now! I really love their music but the big reason of going is the fact that Pink Floyd has the best live performance in the world…all those lights filling the air of the arena…it’s just amazing!

As soon as I entered in the arena I was “hit” by the wonderful atmosphere. I was hoping that they would play “Another Brick in The Wall, Money, Learning to Fly, Dark Side of the Moon and Comfortably Numb”. The arena was full of thousands of excited fans, but the big moment was when the band came over the stage. The crowd went mad and the fans next to me were almost expelled by the security because they tried to break the barriers. The band played lots of songs, including the ones I love the most.

It was a superb night, the whole show was amazing, and David Gilmour was with a wonderful voice, as always. But there were something that I didn’t really like: there were too many people in the arena and as a result it was a bit difficult to move around. The other thing is that David didn’t give me is guitar pick! The whole performance had a lot of quality from all the band members.

If I had to describe the concert in one word I would say: unique!


Guilherme Pereira FCE1

Review of Imagine Dragons at Optimus Alive

Last year I went to the Imagine Dragons concert here in Portugal and it was incredible. They are a relatively recent band, that only started to get famous a couple of years ago. I went to it because I really like their music and I was looking for an opportunity to have some fun and “relax” from the daily routine.

The concert was full of power and heart and the crowd was so electric and excited, it was hard to see someone calm or quiet. They only have the album “Night Visions” but that didn’t make a difference because it’s an awesome album with so many good songs. The best moment of the night, the biggest highlight was when they played “Demons” that is such a powerful song, it gives me innumerous different feelings, and it reminded me of the song’s video clip that also happens in a concert.

Even thought they are recent they managed to give me a surprise. They also played some songs from an extended play (mini-album) they made in 2009, with more calm songs from which I highlight the song “Drive”. It also had negative aspects, for example, the concert started half an hour late and I stayed to close to the speakers.

They are coming to Portugal again this year for the Optimus Alive festival but I’m probably not going to be able to attend it.

Meo SW stage was meant for Eddie Vedder

Meo SW is one of the biggest music festivals in Portugal. For 5 days thousands of campers from all Portugal, but also from other countries, enjoy the sun, the beaches, the music and all the fun that Costa Vicentina provides. It’s all about having fun with your friends, meeting new people, listening to music and enjoying the hot, beautiful white sandy beaches where we can refresh ourselves in the big blue ocean.

In 2012 I was on holiday with Carolina, her parents and some of their friends and, as Eddie Vedder was playing that night and he is a great singer, we all decided that it was an opportunity that we couldn’t miss.

So we went that night to watch Pearl Jam’s lead singer. In the venue thousands of people were watching the other concerts, but the main goal of all of them was to listen to Eddie Vedder. The concert finally started two hours later, but everyone was thrilled to finally see him on stage.

The concert was amazing. Eddie Vedder is a wonderful singer and also a very good guitarist. The stage was meant for him. He played some of his greatest hits such as “Better Man” and “Just Breath “.

I really liked to watch him singing on stage and I really want to go see him next time he’s coming to Portugal.

Jorge Fernandes – FCE1 M/W

A good Carnival

Few months ago I went to a Dealema concert because I love their music and to have fun. The venue was too small for so many people, but even so the crowd was all singing along, dancing and having a good time. The atmosphere couldn’t be better, everyone went wild.

I don’t know for sure how many people were there, but we could barely move. The performance was just amazing, the sound was out of this world, as was the company, and as it was carnival there were accessories everywhere and they were passed along to everyone.

The band sang their biggest hits they composed as musics from the new album, but I didn’t know them as well as the others. But, thinking positively, I discovered new songs, I enjoyed seeing them again and singing my favourite songs while the group was singing in front of me. However, as I was late, I missed the first part of the concert and there were too many people in the room, so it was hard to find a place where I could see the band.

Mariana Viana – FCE1 M/W

“Queima das Fitas” in Braga

Queima das fitas is one of the only festivals in Braga and the most famous ine. In 2013, a well known band, called Kaisershifs , came to the festival and for me it was my opportunity to see a good band in my hometown.

When I went there were lots of people and they were insane.There were so many people that I couldn’t breath.

They took some time to start, but when they started everybody, including me, started screaming and clapping, because they were so great. When they started playing I was amazed, because I would never have thought that they could have had such a great sound and such stage performance.

At the end everyone started screaming for them to play one more and because they are cool, they played another one, so the crowd started shouting even louder the lyrics.

I really loved the concert and I wish they would come to Portugal again so I could see them again.


Beach, Fun and Eddie Vedder

Sudoeste TMN has always been one of the best festivals in Portugal. in 2012, Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam’s lead singer and one of my favourite singers, was the headliner of the 3rd day of the festival.

The concert was really great: he did an amazing performance, he sang his greatest hits, like Better Man, Just Breathe and Hard Sun and the crowd was singing and dancing and everybody was having a good time.

Actually, he was so excited that he wouldn’t leave the stage and the next performer had to kick him off the stage! It was so hilarious!

Besides that, the beauty and the great weather at the venue (Zambujeira do Mar), made this concert even better.

I really liked the experience and I’d repeat if I could.

Eddie Vedder in SW TMN

Carolina Ramon, FCE1 M/W

The Underdogs – concert review

A month ago a band named The Underdogs were going to perform in a local bar.

At that time I didn’t know them, and when I searched for them I didn’t find many songs. Still the few I found were amazing! Also, almost all my friends were going, so I couldn’t miss it.

We got there earlier and after two hours the gig started. There were so many people! There were even people outside the bar listening and trying to get in.

The atmosphere was electric. Everybody was singing, even without knowing all of the lyrics! The performance was great, it was even better than I expected.

The only thing I regret it is not having stayed for the whole concert so that I could buy the CD. If I get the chance to see them again I’ll definitely stay until the end only to buy their CD!


Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars, the Hawain singer, is one of the most known singers in the world, and he came to Portugal in  2013.
Actually, I went to it because a friend of mine had an extra ticket and, as i like Bruno Mars, I accepted the invitation.
The concert was in Meo Arena and the atmosphere was amazing, there were thousands of people singing and shouting.
The crowd was really amazing and they sang along with Bruno Mars all the songs, such as “Marry you”, “Billionaire”, “when I was your man”. The highlight was when he sang ” Billionaire”, people started singing so loud and the lights, the atmosphere, everything was just perfect when he started to sing ” I wanna be  Billionaire…”
Despite these amazing atmosphere, the band that opened the concert wasn’t that good, in my opinion. That band was only there for people to have something to see.
It was a great experience, Bruno Mars is amazing live and I recommend people see him live. Next time he is in Portugal I’ll definitely go again with my friend, and I’m going to shout a lot.

Ana Margarida FCE1- M/W

One Direction

One Direction are one of the biggest bands in the world but also hated by a lot of people.

As soon as I knew they were going to perform in Lisbon, on the 26th May 2013, I prepared myself to get a ticket before they sold out. In less than an hour not a single ticket was left and I couldn’t believe I was going to be in the 3rd row.

I really wanted to see them because they’re my favourite band, they’re humble and down to earth and I know and love all of their songs.

The crowd went hysterical. The moment they got on stage was just amazing and it seemed Meo Arena was going to fall down at anytime. There were 20000 people screaming, jumping, dancing and singing.

Their whole performance was great, they were really funny, they interacted with the fans and their voices were just perfect as they always are. Sometimes the crowd was even louder than the band.

They sang songs from their first and second album and the ones that I liked the most were “Little Things” and “Moments”.

Flying over the crowd and the fans singing along with them, for me were the highlights of the concert.

In short, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam know how to give a memorable show.

Mariana F. – FCE1 M/W