I went to Azores in July 2009 with my boyfriend and his parents.  We flew with TAP.   We stayed for two weeks in my boyfriend’s uncle’s house.  During the day we walked around the Island Terceira.  We saw all the famous places like the Gruta do Algar do Carvao, the Caldeira de Guilherme Moniz and the Furnas among other places of great natural beauty.  We also saw the festivities of the Holy Spirit (Espirito Santo) that are a perfect example of the strong tradition that has been maintained on this Island.  We also saw the typical bull races (touradas a corda).  We took a lot of photos.  At night we went to bars.  We bought postcards, some regional cheeses and desserts and some wines and liquors from the wine museum.  We had a great time.  I recommend it because it’s very calm, the ideal place to rest.  Nice beaches and fantastic places.

Carina Silva


I went to Dubai in March 2010 with my family and with my friends.  We went by plane.  We stayed in a beautiful and luxurious hotel – the Atlantis Hotel.  It’s very nice because we can see an aquarium.  We were there for one week.  We travelled around the country by taxis.  I saw extraordinary architecture, beautiful sunsets and nice people.  We bought some magnets, a painting and a cup.

I recommend it because it’s exciting.  The people are really friendly and the weather is great.  Dubai is very nice because there are a lot of activities in the water.  The country is really a new world.

Susana Barbosa


I went to Brazil in January 1997.  I went by plane. I stayed in Sao Paulo and Beztioga in my family’s house.  I stayed for one month.  I went out every night until morning and in the afternoons I went to the beach. I saw many “favelas”.  I bought many Havianana sandals and bikinis.

I recommend it because it’s exciting and the weather is tropical and beaches are beautiful.



I went to Sardenha in Italy in August 2009.  I went with my husband by plane and boat.  We stayed in a big and typical hotel next to the beach.  We were there for five days.  We travelled around the island.  We went sunbathing, swam and I saw the best boats in my life.  I didn’t buy anything, typical souvenirs, but I bought some clothes.

I recommend it because it has good beaches, good food and nice people.

It was the best holiday of my life.

Isabel Sá

New York

I went to New York in July 2011 with  my family, we went by plane. We stayed in a big hotel.  We were there for a five weeks. We travelled around the city by bus and train to other cities near New York, we saw a beautiful places; theatre, museum, and beautiful villages. We bought some souvenirs, many clothes and shoes. I recommend it because it´s an exciting city with many people in the streets, nice places to visit, beautiful plazas and the weather is great.

Ané Elisabete



I went to Thailand in September 2008 with my husband. We went by plane. We stayed in a beautiful hotel. We were there for four weeks. We visited the monuments and beautiful beaches. We saw some lovely beaches and monuments. We bought some bags and jewellery. I recommend it because it is very beautiful; the monuments, museum, beach and the the jewellery factory.

Sofia Sá


I went to Africa (Angola) in May 2007 with my husband. We went by plane. We stayed in house. We were there for one month. We travelled around the county in my car. We saw some lovely beaches and happy people. We bought handicrafts.

I recommend it because it’s surreal, the people are really happy.

Fernanda Machado

Cadiz, Spain

I went to Cadiz in Spain in August 2011, with my husband.  I went by car. I stayed in a big hotel, we stayed for ten days. I saw a beautiful city.  Cadiz has  lovely beaches. I bought a t-shirt from Cadiz.

I recommend it because it’s a beautiful city and very hot and people are very happy.

Paula Barbosa


I went to Paris in January 2012 with my cousin, my uncle and my aunt. We went by plane. We stayed in Ibis hotel. We were there for one week. We went to Disneyland Park, the Louvre Museum, Arco Triunfo and the Eiffel tower.    I bought t-shirts, jeans and cards.  I recommend it because it’s beautiful.

Kamila Lacerda.


I went to Mexico in December 2009 with my Husband. We went by plane.   We  stayed  in a small hotel. We were there for a week. We travelled  around Cancun by bus. We saw some lovely beaches and sunbathed. We visited the pyramid sand the cigarette factory. We bought some paintings and sombreros.

I recomemmend seeing the pyramid it’s very important.   The weather is great and the fruit is good.

Isabel Pereira


I went to Izola in Slovenia in June 2010, with my friend Maria. We went by bus and we visited some countries and met some people along the trip.

When we arrived in Izola we stayed in a stundent hostel for 15 days. There was a fantastic beach and it was a great trip.



I went to Jordan in December 2005, with my friends, we went by plane. We stayed in a lot of small hotels and open air in Wadi Rum desert to admire at the starry sky. We were there for three weeks. We travelled around the country by bus, jeep, and by foot.We saw some lovely beaches in the dead sea and red sea; a lot of monuments; beautiful villages, e.g. Amman, Petra village to carve in stone, spectacular!…, and the weather is great in December.

I recommend it because it’s exciting. The people are really friendly.