The Best Holiday

The Algarve
The best memories that I keep in mind was in the 2008 summer when I travelled for the first time with my family to Algarve. It´s the greatest holiday that I ever had. The reason why is because everting was new for me.
We stayed in a camping park a huge one with attractive activities. We went to the beach every day, the sea is very calm, the opposite to the north beaches, and he have the famous bolas de berlim, they tasted delicious. At night we walked around the town, it´s crowded and busy but was nice seeing street stalls and ate a big ice-cream.
Another interesting part of this holiday was when we went to Aquashow. I Tried all the attraction, but my favourite was the roller coaster. This day was unforgettable in a good way except for the meal, it´s expensive and the hotdog only had a sausage nothing else. So I was still hungry.
I also need to talk about the zoomarine. We stopped there one the way for home and I loved the dolphins show. At the end of the show a seal came and kissed me, it was a strange felling because of the whiskers but at the same time very funny.

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