Studying and Travelling

Sherborne – Dorset – UK

I don’t have a favourite trip but I think the most different I went was in 2019 with my friends.

We went to Sherborne and we met a lot of new people and new places. I think that it was a cosmopolitan place because it had a lot of cultures mixed in one place and we  talked to each other everyday so we could learn some things about others people cultures.

I learnt a lot and new things everyday so because of that i think it was a really a good experience.

A bad thing that happened to me was in one trip i got lost alone with no phone because mine was broken and stopped working during the holiday but I found my friends and it ended well (lucky me!).

One thing that I liked a lot was to try new foods like fish and chips and i liked the smell of candies whenever I went to an old candyshop. I saw a lot of old and historic places and I still think that they are really pretty but the one that I was impressed by was the Oxford University (I loved the canteen cause it reminded me of Harry Potter).

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