The Best Holiday

The Algarve
The best memories that I keep in mind was in the 2008 summer when I travelled for the first time with my family to Algarve. It´s the greatest holiday that I ever had. The reason why is because everting was new for me.
We stayed in a camping park a huge one with attractive activities. We went to the beach every day, the sea is very calm, the opposite to the north beaches, and he have the famous bolas de berlim, they tasted delicious. At night we walked around the town, it´s crowded and busy but was nice seeing street stalls and ate a big ice-cream.
Another interesting part of this holiday was when we went to Aquashow. I Tried all the attraction, but my favourite was the roller coaster. This day was unforgettable in a good way except for the meal, it´s expensive and the hotdog only had a sausage nothing else. So I was still hungry.
I also need to talk about the zoomarine. We stopped there one the way for home and I loved the dolphins show. At the end of the show a seal came and kissed me, it was a strange felling because of the whiskers but at the same time very funny.


Me and my family, including my cousins and uncles, last Christmas, went to Zurich by plane. As we have an aunt in Switzerland, most of us stayed in her house. She has lived there for a long time now, so she helped us to visit good places.

We visited some places in city centre like the most expensive street in Zurich, FIFA World Football Museum and an enormous train station, where we saw a lot of Christmas’ decoration and a big and shiny Christmas tree adorned with Swarovski crystals stones.

We also travelled by ferry on Lake Zurich. It was an amazing trip where I could enjoy beautiful postcards landscapes. I have never been on a boat before, so it was my first time and I loved this experience.

On Christmas Eve, as a bracarense family, we went to Christmas’ market place and we took some bananas with us for our “Bananeiro”. After that we spent the Christmas on a large and cosy house. I think it was one of the best Christmas ever.


Studying and Travelling

Sherborne – Dorset – UK

I don’t have a favourite trip but I think the most different I went was in 2019 with my friends.

We went to Sherborne and we met a lot of new people and new places. I think that it was a cosmopolitan place because it had a lot of cultures mixed in one place and we  talked to each other everyday so we could learn some things about others people cultures.

I learnt a lot and new things everyday so because of that i think it was a really a good experience.

A bad thing that happened to me was in one trip i got lost alone with no phone because mine was broken and stopped working during the holiday but I found my friends and it ended well (lucky me!).

One thing that I liked a lot was to try new foods like fish and chips and i liked the smell of candies whenever I went to an old candyshop. I saw a lot of old and historic places and I still think that they are really pretty but the one that I was impressed by was the Oxford University (I loved the canteen cause it reminded me of Harry Potter).

New York

New York
We arrived in the airport at around 10 o’clock, it was late, so the airport was almost empty. We got into the train and went to the hotel in Brooklyn.
Over the next four days we went visited the city, it was so cold that I couldn’t feel my fingers. The city is very beautiful, but it was too crowded, but you can’t expect that New York would be peaceful right?
With all of that people you can see a lot of trash in the floor. In the streets you can smell the burgers, French fries and hear the cars honking. Being there made me understand that New York has the poor side and the expensive side.