(It´s a Portuguese Sandwich originally from Porto, made with bread, ham, fresh sausage, steak and covered with melted cheese and a hot and spiced tomato and beer sauce).

Ingredients: 1 francesinha
2 slices of bread;

1 small steak;

1 fresh sausage;

1 linguiça;

2 slices of mild ham;

6 slices of cheese;

1 egg;


1 beer;

½ a jar of tomato passata;

1 dl Porto wine;

1 cube of meat stock

1 tbsp of flour

1 tbsp of butter

Salt to taste

Piri Piri (Portuguese hot chilli sauce)


Potatoes cut into french fries

Corn, soy or sunflower oil to fry

Place all the ingredients for the sauce inside a heavy bottomed pan and heat it.
Grill the meats, cut the sausage and linguiça in half and then in 4 equal parts.
On top of a slice of bread place first a slice of cheese, on top place a slice of ham, then the 4 pieces of linguiça, on top the steak, followed by the fresh sausage, another slice of ham and another slice of cheese, top with the other slice of bread and on top a slice of cheese.

Place one slice of cheese on each side of the sandwich and place one more on top.
Put the sandwich inside a preheated oven for a couple of minutes just so the cheese starts to melt but let it toast.

Fry the egg in a bit of hot oil.
Remove from the oven, put the fried egg on top of the sandwich and immediately pour the very hot sauce over it – you want the bottom of the sandwich immersed in sauce and serve with the fries and a cold beer.


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