Animal usage for scientific research

The use of animals for scientific purposes is a historical procedure in human civilization, but this practice is controversial for societies concerned with the protection of animals. Animal experimentation can be understood as the practice of performing interventions on live or freshly slaughtered animals in order to benefit scientific knowledge. Although developed since ancient times, this procedure is an offence to human sensibilities and arouses discussion among the academic community and animal protection groups. In my opinion, these experimental practices are completely and totally dispensable.

I believe that these practices are unnecessary because, besides bringing pain and suffering to animals, it has the possibility of errors when one wants to transfer interpretations obtained from tests on certain animal species to humans. During this vacation period I was watching a movie called “The Planet of the Animals: The Origin”, in which humans tried a drug on monkeys, which would be the cure for Alzheimer’s. This drug when used in monkeys had other effects than in humans. In this case, in humans this drug didn’t cure the disease and in the monkeys their IQ increased, leading to a huge problem.

I believe in the feasibility of using substitutive research methods and that these would need to be considered. If it would be used to cure a human disease, why was it tested on animals? Why was it not tested on human cells, which simulate the human body? I think this could be one of the alternatives for not having to involve animals in scientific researches.

Animal experimentation focused on scientific research, should not be considered at all. Time and resources should be used also to find alternatives to animal usage. I’m completely against animal use on experimental research, as animals are living beings like humans and they should be left alone.

Rafaela AD3y M/W Teacher – Sean

Ready Player One


Ready Player One is a movie directed by Steven Spielberg. It’s an American science fiction adventure film launched in 2018. The movie takes place in 2045, when humanity lives in a desolate reality, in poverty with no meaning in life.


Most people use virtual reality software to escape the real life. In the Oasis (virtual place) you can do whatever you want, you can be whatever you want, you can choose your avatar, you choose who you want to be.


When the creator of Oasis dies, he made a challenge to all users of Oasis. To find his Easter Egg and who find the Easter Egg, win his fortune and the entire control of Oasis.


The main character is an orphaned teenager, Wade Watts. In the Oasis his avatar is Parzival and he has some friends there. He meets Art3mis (Samantha in real life. All together they fight to save Oasis from IOI company ruled by Nolan Sorrento.


It’s an adventure, science fiction and a romantic movie. Sometimes it all makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t make sense.


The clues left by the creator of Oasis (James Halliday), makes you think about, what he really meant with it.


But in the end you realise that all mesage is about, enjoy life, do what you like, stay with the people you love and make the planet more humane.

Nelia Ad3ad M/W Teacher-Sean