The King

The King is the most recent Netflix’s historical movie, based on one of the most famous William Shakespeare play known as “Henriad”. The movie shows us an incredible interpretation of the short life of the British who conquered the Kingdom of Britain´s arch enemy, France.

The movie happens in the 15th Century and illustration a climatic and realistic representation of the famous Battle of Agincourt, where you can feel the hope and the fear of the characters as if you were on the battlefield. The amazing performance of Timotheé Chamlamet ( King Henry V) shows really well the character development that goes from a young hedonist prince to a hubristic King who sees himself trapped in battles of personal interests. Alongside the emotionally draining scenes Nicholas Britell created a breathtaking soundtrack that is the cherry on the top of the cake.

However if you are looking for historical accuracy you may be disappointed since the movie describes a historical moment that was massively shortened.  Because of this fact the film can also feel a little bit rushed at the end even if it has a solid end with a plot twist that changes the perception of the story.

All in all, The King is a wonderful and touching movie that represents incredibly the Battle of Agincourt, and will make you want to relisten the stunning soundtrack, and if you want to see a movie that will leave you on the edge of your sofa you should definitely watch this film!

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