Northmen: A Viking Saga

Northmen: a Viking saga is an astonishing dramatization of a credible fictional tale that could  have taken place in the Viking era, approximately in the 9th century. The legendary subject of the Norse warriors shipwrecked on hostile unfamiliar shores and a majestic king with his only daughter in danger plus his most trusted men which are not as reliable as we initially are lead into thinking add up to a stunning, incredibly clever and skillfully well thought plot full of intrigue and unexpected twists.

The plot develops at a quite intense rate and it will fully depend on the protagonists´ decision making sense, taking in consideration that different choices lead them fatally to the outcome they made for themselves. It is therefore quite impressive the way how it is not only an excellent movie due to the historical element but also for the remarkably well-written script.

Despite the movie´s credibility, the wardrobe sometimes may look rather costume like as it is often the case. The slight presence of an authentic Norse mythology-inspired Swedish death metal band also contributes to giving the movie the raw Nordic aggressive feel that we often associate with this barbaric people often perceived as evil pagans by the former catholic currently British regions. This also translates to a picture filled with violent and intense battlefield and combat scenes, describing a very stereotyped perception of this people. The mythological and legendary element portrayed by the princess´ supernatural gift also enhances the factor of mysticism.

Although in some segments rather cliché, it is an overall decently accurate and believable. All in all, a magnificent movie.

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