Inglorious is an amazing fictional adaptation of real events that took place in Europe in the 40’s, during World War 2. It’s a story about a vengeful Jewish survivor and how she was helped by ruthless Jewish soldiers to wipe out the German High Command at a movie theatre.

The movie starts with a callous Nazi officer killing a whole family and the people they were hiding, but letting one girl escape. Years later, she is found in France trying to hide away, but finds out the Führer is coming to town, after meeting the Basterds they all plan to kill the German High Command and its leader.

This masterpiece of a movie might not be for everyone. Although, it is a film about one of the most important events of human history, it isn’t accurate. Besides taking place in World War 2, it doesn’t show many historical moments and/or figures, besides Hitler himself, and it doesn’t take the austere approach like other historical WW2 movies. It also demonstrates a side not so seen in most of these, which is a lot of gore, blood and very graphic killing scenes, that has director Quentin Tarantino’s name written all over it. Despite all the action and drama, it has a comedic side as well.

In the end, if you are looking to watch a movie about the second war, but don’t feel like crying or feel depressed about it, Inglorious is the movie for you, full of stunning shots, gory action, a new different kind of war film, with just a bit of comedy, and a majestic soundtrack to top it off.

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