My favourite film

My favorite film is “The fault in our stars”. It’s about a girl called Hazel who has lung cancer. When she goes to the support group Hazel meets Augustus Waters, a guy who has cancer too. But in his life Gus doesn’t worry about his cancer. Augustus teaches Hazel how to live without worrying about the time she has left. They start meeting  and Gus discovers that Hazel likes Peter Van Houten, a writer. So he takes her on a trip to Amsterdam because they want to visit the writer. When Gus and Hazel get there they start to fall in love with each other. They have a beautiful night together and, after meeting Peter Van Houten, they go home. When they get there Gus tells Hazel that he was dying because his cancer was spreading. A few days later Gus dies and Hazel cries a lot but she doesn’t forget him. “I want to thank you for our little infinite,” says Hazel at his funeral.

By Camila – Pre-intermediate Sept

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