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André Pacheco Live Music

            This year I met a guy called André Carreiro Pacheco, who came from a musical school, which made me curious to go to a concert of his.

A few months after he invited me to his concert, all the people that had already seen him in concert told me that he does a lot of crazy things while he is on the stage, so obviously I bought my ticket.

He usually plays guitar in a band, but he decided to play and perform a solo concert. He put posters all over the town, saying “André Pacheco Live Music”.

On the night before the concert I googled him and a song came up called “O dragão que não cuspia fogo”, it was a bit disappointing because I thought that he was a better singer.

It was an outdoor gig. In the beginning of the concert there were hundreds of people, which isn’t normal because it was a Monday night, but nobody seemed to care, because everyone was singing the music that was playing form the speakers.

When he came to the stage everyone was whispering and encouraging him. He started playing the guitar and he was superb, but when he started singing everything got worse. His voice was horrible and everybody started laughing out loud.

He played some songs from his first and only album and the atmosphere passed from euphoric to flat and disappointing. Everything changed when he ripped off his t-shirt like a rock star and everyone got into it and he finished the concert with an awesome solo which kind of made up for the bad or the negative part.

If I can, I would definitely repeat the experience, just to have the opportunity to record him ripping off his t-shirt.


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