Bon Jovi

The first concert I remember that I’ve ever been too was Bon Jovi’s rock concert.

It was in Lisbon and I went there with my mother. We weren’t, by far, the craziest people there. Out of hundreds of excited fans, we were totally normal!


When they first started playing I was shocked! I only really saw the singer because I’d always thought he was gorgeous and had an amazing voice. But the guitar player was just as stunning as him singing. I mean, he played very hard stuff! He is very talented. The rest of the band was also brilliant, needless to say!


In two hours of concert they touched people’s emotions in a way I had never seen! The audience (I don’t even know if this word actually fits here) was erupting! People were laughing, smiling, screaming, jumping and singing along with them. And I don’t judge the people because the songs, that are already beautiful just by themselves, were sang with such a good energy that everyone got happy!


I loved every single part of it and I loved being able to share that unforgettable night with my mum. The moment I probably got craziest was when they played “Always”, which is one of my favourite songs. That said, I don’t think I have any negative point about my first big experience. Well, maybe except one: it could have lasted longer!

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