Review of Imagine Dragons at Optimus Alive

Last year I went to the Imagine Dragons concert here in Portugal and it was incredible. They are a relatively recent band, that only started to get famous a couple of years ago. I went to it because I really like their music and I was looking for an opportunity to have some fun and “relax” from the daily routine.

The concert was full of power and heart and the crowd was so electric and excited, it was hard to see someone calm or quiet. They only have the album “Night Visions” but that didn’t make a difference because it’s an awesome album with so many good songs. The best moment of the night, the biggest highlight was when they played “Demons” that is such a powerful song, it gives me innumerous different feelings, and it reminded me of the song’s video clip that also happens in a concert.

Even thought they are recent they managed to give me a surprise. They also played some songs from an extended play (mini-album) they made in 2009, with more calm songs from which I highlight the song “Drive”. It also had negative aspects, for example, the concert started half an hour late and I stayed to close to the speakers.

They are coming to Portugal again this year for the Optimus Alive festival but I’m probably not going to be able to attend it.

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