Bruno Mars

Last November I went to Meo Arena to see Bruno Mars performing. I bought my ticket seven months earlier because I was really looking forward to see him on stage. He was absolutely great! He did not disappoint me at all.

Although Bruno was forty minutes late (which felt like a lot more), he definitely made it up to his fans when he got on stage. Not only Bruno Mars was excited, but also the fans, who were cheering. Meo Arena was full and the crowd was singing. The atmosphere was really good.

He sang his biggest hits, such as “Just the way you are”, “Young girls”, “Grenade”… For me, the highlight of the concert was when he sang “When I was your man”. That song was even better than I had expected. Some of the girls who were next to me started crying (which I think was a bit unnecessary!) during the performance of that great hit. The crowd also really liked “Young girls”.

I’d love to repeat the experience. However, I won’t sit next to girls whose voices are too loud for my ears, I’ll definitely go see Bruno Mars the next time he comes to Portugal.

Carolina Miranda


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