Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars, the Hawain singer, is one of the most known singers in the world, and he came to Portugal in  2013.
Actually, I went to it because a friend of mine had an extra ticket and, as i like Bruno Mars, I accepted the invitation.
The concert was in Meo Arena and the atmosphere was amazing, there were thousands of people singing and shouting.
The crowd was really amazing and they sang along with Bruno Mars all the songs, such as “Marry you”, “Billionaire”, “when I was your man”. The highlight was when he sang ” Billionaire”, people started singing so loud and the lights, the atmosphere, everything was just perfect when he started to sing ” I wanna be  Billionaire…”
Despite these amazing atmosphere, the band that opened the concert wasn’t that good, in my opinion. That band was only there for people to have something to see.
It was a great experience, Bruno Mars is amazing live and I recommend people see him live. Next time he is in Portugal I’ll definitely go again with my friend, and I’m going to shout a lot.

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