Masterchef Australia

We want to tell you about a very famous TV show called Masterchef Australia. It’s a cooking competition where a group of contestants compete against each other (and, sometimes, in teams) in different types of cooking challenges.

Over a period of about three months, the contestants are eliminated one by one. Their goal is to win the final prize of 100 thousand dollars and to write their own recipe book.

What we like the most about the show is the enormous variety of challenges that the contestants are given. The contestants, as well as the three main judges, are very funny and we can see that they have a real talent when it comes to food. We also love all the beautiful places they go and the types of food from those places.

We totally recommend everyone to watch this show because it’s really good, entertaining and you can also learn lots of recipes. You can watch it on SIC Mulher, in the evening, from Monday to Thursday.

Ana Morgana, Ana Beatriz & Joana (A4Y – M/W 18.50)

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