The Wolf of Wall Street

We want to tell you about a comedy film called The Wolf of Wall Street. We went to the cinema with some friends to see it last week.

The story is about a guy who creates a company which buys and sells shares. First he was just a normal employee but after he lost his job he founded his own dishonest company with his neighbour and they had much success in the stock market. The main character is played by Leonardo DiCaprio and his performance is outstanding.

We really like the film but we think that it is too long, because it is more than three hours long. However, the film has a good story so everyone can follow it. The performances in general are spectacular. The set is absolutely fantastic because the scenery is really realistic.

We recommend it to the people who like good movies with a good plot, and people who want to laugh a little bit.

Laura, Rogério & Carlos (A4Y – M/W 18.50)

Masterchef Australia

We want to tell you about a very famous TV show called Masterchef Australia. It’s a cooking competition where a group of contestants compete against each other (and, sometimes, in teams) in different types of cooking challenges.

Over a period of about three months, the contestants are eliminated one by one. Their goal is to win the final prize of 100 thousand dollars and to write their own recipe book.

What we like the most about the show is the enormous variety of challenges that the contestants are given. The contestants, as well as the three main judges, are very funny and we can see that they have a real talent when it comes to food. We also love all the beautiful places they go and the types of food from those places.

We totally recommend everyone to watch this show because it’s really good, entertaining and you can also learn lots of recipes. You can watch it on SIC Mulher, in the evening, from Monday to Thursday.

Ana Morgana, Ana Beatriz & Joana (A4Y – M/W 18.50)

The Wolf of Wall Street

We saw the Wolf of Wall Street last weekend in BragaParque Lusomundo Cinema and we loved it.

The film is about a young man named Jordan Belford and he starts working on Wall Street. Two weeks later the stock market crashes and he is fired.  Jordan goes looking for work and he finds a job in a small company.

We think you must see this film because it has epic action, parties and comedy stuff. The things we didn’t like so much, was when he took some drugs in the night club and it was weird.

If you like weird action films you will love this one but all the chaos will make you think a lot.

Francisco & Luis (A4Y – M/W 18.50)

Are you the one?

We are going to talk about a reality show called “Are you the one? “

We can see it on MTV almost every day. The objective of this programme is to find 10 perfect matches in just 10 weeks. There are 10 girls and 10 boys that have never seen each other in their lives.

In that period of time this group is living in a big mansion and obviously a lot of conflicts happen there. People think that they have discovered their match but in reality it’s not, and in some cases some contestants fall in love with the same person as others.

The prize is $ 500 000 for everyone, but they just have to find the 10 perfect matches before the end of the show.

In our opinion the worst thing in this programme is the fact that the group need to deal with each other and sometimes their personalities are different. This is the cause of  most fights in the house. Besides this, they are really messy and sometimes after a long night they appear in the house drunk and dizzy making the house dirtier.

On the other hand, there are positive points like the landscapes, the meetings, the design of the house and all the parties that the programme offers to the contestants.

We recommend it to someone that likes this type of reality show and wants to have a good time.

P.S: be careful, don’t become addicted like us!!

G&S (A4Y – M/W 18.50)

The Hunger Games

A few days ago, we went to the cinema to see a science-fiction film called The Hunger Games. The cast is Jennifer Lawrence, Josh H. and Liam H.

The plot is about 12 districts that need to fight to survive. Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta ( Josh H.) are the representatives of district 12 that are chosen by their district.

The part we most liked was during the games, when the emotion that the actors transmitted to the audience was really spectacular. We think that the special effects were absolutely fantastic, but the plot was a little bit confused and hard to follow. Why would a small number of teenagers fight to the death against others?

We would recommend this film to anybody who enjoys imaginative drama, with great special effects.

Leonardo, Carlos, Catarina & Andreia (A4Y – M/W 18.50)

FCE1 Limericks

Edward Lear











There was a green girl from Mars
Who once had been behind bars
With only one eye
She looked up at the sky
Hoping to count all the stars
By Carolina, Mafalda, Luísa & Jorge

There once was a big boy full of hope
Of becoming the main councillor of the pope
But he was very rude
And always in a bad mood
So he relaxed by learning to skip rope
By Tiago, Leo, José Pedro & Beatriz

There was a little girl from Braga
Who wanted a turtle like Lady Gaga
So she searched every store
Up to the last floor
And she finally found one in Prague-ah!
By Jorge F, Carolina, Sofia & Mariana V.

There was a class that was crazy
Anna hated the way they were lazy
They learned useful things
Such as guitar strings
And her day stopped being so hazy
By Carolina M, Mariana F, Margarida & Sofia