In our opinion, in the future schools are going to change radically because of the evolution of the technology.

First of all, students will have more classes at home than at school, virtually. We will have less books and we will write and read and do exercises on the computer in a classroom. We will have robot teachers or robots who do cleaning of the schools and that kind of stuff.

Secondly, we think that schools will be built in a different way. Schools will be tall and modern buildings with classrooms and a lot of new spaces. For example, there will be parts of the school that we can relax in very comfortable chairs that do massages. Inside of a school there will be pools and small cinemas for entertainment of the students when they don’t have classes during the day.

To sum up, we think there will be more modern schools but less of them too. Schools will be a great entertainment and a relaxing place.

Inês S. and Ana Rita

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