Review: Eminem – Lose Yourself

Lose yourself is from 8 Mile’s soundtrack, which is a movie inspired by Eminem’s tough life. Even though he was discriminated against for being white in an African-American neighborhood, he pursued his dream of being a rapper.

This song is about never giving up and taking every chance we get to accomplish our goals, which was what he did because, even having his extraordinary rapping skills, many didn’t accept him in the beggining just because of his skin colour.

It’s hard to find words to describe how this song makes me feel because I get so motivated when I hear it that I feel that I can beat anyone at anything. It’s great rhythm and inspiring lyrics make the song perfect to put me in the mood to play basketball.

Eminem has a unique rap style, however in 8 Mile’s soundtrack he shows some of the influence from Dr. Dre. who was the one who believed in the “white guy” and gave him an opportunity in the rap music industry. After making the movie his career really took off, leading him to the fame he has nowadays.

By João Vasco ADV1 (Fri)

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