Houses in the future

Today the houses are very different. They are big or small, with pools or without and can be apartments or houses.

In the future the houses will be very big, with swimming pools, big gardens and a lot of pets. It won’t be important if you’re rich or poor.

There’re going to be lots of electronic kitchen machines to clean the plates and make all the food we want in seconds. The television won’t need a remote, because it will do whatever we tell it to do. When we fly away on holidays and we go to another city or country we will take literally all we have in our home with us!

We will love the future houses!

Mª Helena, Sol & Bárbara


At the moment the world is becoming dependent on transport, and everybody uses their own transport for every thing.

I think in the future there will be jet-packs for everyone.  The people will go to work by jet. I think people will use the jet-pack more than the cars.

Secondly, the planes will be different. When they are in the sky they will transform into buses .It’s a great idea and it will be fantastic. What do you think?

I expect in the future people will be more friends of the environment and all the transport too.


Francisca, Inês and José Pedro


Computers in the future

Today we use computers for a lot of jobs and in the future we believe there will be lot more of them.

To start, we think computers will be smaller, thinner and more practical, so we will carry it everywhere. We also think computers might have the capacity to save all of our personal and social information that, sometimes, people can’t remember. This information can make people’s life better because if they have less responsibility they have more time to enjoy life.

Secondly we think computers will be everywhere. It will help students at school and the classes might be more interactive. Computers might do an important job in other places, like hospitals and supermarkets…

To sum up, we think there will be lot more computers in the future and they will make human work easier.

Belo, Mariana P.


In our opinion, in the future schools are going to change radically because of the evolution of the technology.

First of all, students will have more classes at home than at school, virtually. We will have less books and we will write and read and do exercises on the computer in a classroom. We will have robot teachers or robots who do cleaning of the schools and that kind of stuff.

Secondly, we think that schools will be built in a different way. Schools will be tall and modern buildings with classrooms and a lot of new spaces. For example, there will be parts of the school that we can relax in very comfortable chairs that do massages. Inside of a school there will be pools and small cinemas for entertainment of the students when they don’t have classes during the day.

To sum up, we think there will be more modern schools but less of them too. Schools will be a great entertainment and a relaxing place.

Inês S. and Ana Rita

Entertainment in the future

Today we can’t fly, take a trip into the future or transport our bodies to other places but in the future you might possibly do this.

First of all we believe that in the future we will be able to fly around the world to minimize the pollution of the cars and the motor-bikes.

Secondly the classes are going to be by computer. We will have classes in bed or in the garden what time you want!

I think in the future it will be more fun and with more technology because we will fly or have classes in bed. It’ll be fantastic.

José Miguel, Maria Inês & Nikola

Sports in the future


Today the sports are widely enjoyed and they are the jobs of many people.

First of all, we think that in the future, sports will be very different. The referees will be replaced by robots, and that is good because the games will be fairer. We think that the robots will be players like us, and we think that isn’t a good idea, because the games will be more difficult for the humans.

Today, we do worldwide competitions, and just countries on Earth participate, but in the future, other galaxies will be able to participate. In the future there might be flying sports, with flying machines.

To conclude, we think in the future there will be more sports, and they will be more technological.


Mariana C., Ana Jorge, Beatriz J5

In my free time…….

In my free time, I listen to music (a variety of music), play sports like gymnastics, swimming and ballet. I like to play my instrument (trumpet) when I play it, I feel calm and happy. I love to surf  the internet to check my email’s, talk with friends, and explore. I like to meet new friends, hang out with them and learn new languages (like Italian, Spanish…). I also like watching TV programs or films or go to the cinema, but I don’t have much time for that, it’s very complicated. For me it‘s impossible to not play my trumpet, it’s like my best friend.

Inês AD3Y M/W

In my free time……..

In my free time, I like surfing the net and chatting on facebook, watching tv, drawing, sleeping… sometimes , I go to the gym and I do some sports like running or swimming. I also go out with my friends. There’s nothing better than a coffee or a hot chocolate on the coldest days. I spend a lot of my time drawing for school. Now, I have to draw faces, real faces! So, sometimes, a simple drawing can take a day or more. I also like to be with my family at home or some event with more people. I’m a social person, so I’m always talking about everything. In conclusion, I have a lot of thing to do in my free time.

Diana AD3Y M/W

In my free time………..

In my free time, I listen to music, I talk with friends and I like to learn new things and play new sports. I also like to surf the internet.

On my holidays I like to learn a lot of new activities, and I have very many hobbies I can do at home and I think that is very good.

I like to organize activities with my friends when I have free time and usually we do some very fun things.

I like to learn different things that I don’t learn about at school.

These are my hobbies and my favorites activities when I have free time but what I really like to do most is be with my friends and have fun with them!

Frederico AD3Y M/W

In my free time…

In my free time I usually surf the internet to check my emails. I hate waiting for my sister to use my computer because she has her own computer. In my free time I also like to do sports (volleyball, swimming and ballet), go out with friends and go to the cinema. I also like watching TV but sometimes it’s impossible because I have to study. When I am studying I like to listen to music because it’s relaxing.

By Rita – AD3Y (M/W)

Review: Eminem – Lose Yourself

Lose yourself is from 8 Mile’s soundtrack, which is a movie inspired by Eminem’s tough life. Even though he was discriminated against for being white in an African-American neighborhood, he pursued his dream of being a rapper.

This song is about never giving up and taking every chance we get to accomplish our goals, which was what he did because, even having his extraordinary rapping skills, many didn’t accept him in the beggining just because of his skin colour.

It’s hard to find words to describe how this song makes me feel because I get so motivated when I hear it that I feel that I can beat anyone at anything. It’s great rhythm and inspiring lyrics make the song perfect to put me in the mood to play basketball.

Eminem has a unique rap style, however in 8 Mile’s soundtrack he shows some of the influence from Dr. Dre. who was the one who believed in the “white guy” and gave him an opportunity in the rap music industry. After making the movie his career really took off, leading him to the fame he has nowadays.

By João Vasco ADV1 (Fri)

Review: Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana

This song was the most revolutionary track Nirvana had ever produced. It´s an anthem for every youngster and if you don’t feel like an anarchist, this will make you feel like one. The sounds the guitar riffs conduct such an adrenaline rush to your main core, that it will make you feel free and powerful!

Smells Like Teen Spirit” is on their most famous album-“Nevermind”,which includes  powerful songs such as”Lithium” and “In Bloom”, as well as some soothing and calm grooves such like “Come As You Are”, ”Something In The Way” and “Polly”. This album was released in 1991, where they came up against some rough competition with other Grunge bands which meant that there was a search for powerful sounds related to the times that they were living through.

“Nevermind” was released 22 years ago, as a shout for freedom by Nirvana. Their sounds still live on nowadays specially thanks to the amazing lyrics that Kurt Cobain wrote, influencing the 90’s music like no one else. This is poignant due to Cobain’s tragic suicide in 1994 putting an end to the band but not to their legacy, because their songs are so obscure, dark and powerful in meaning that they will never fade away.

And, as Cobain once said “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption”

By Vasco ADV1 (Fri)