Visiting Portugal

If it’s your first time in Portugal our advice for you is to visit two places.

The first place we think you should visit if you are the kind of person who likes nature is the natural national park in Gêres. When you go there you can see a lot of animals, plants, trees, rocks and a great view!!! The best time of year to go there is in the winter since it snows a lot and you can enjoy that special time with family and friends.

From our point of view if you are thinking of visiting Gerês you should spend more than one day because there are lots of activities to do!

The other place is in Sintra. It’s in the middle of the forest and is called Palácio da Pena. It’s a historical palace who tells us about the ancient times of Portugal. The best part is that you can understand how kings and queens lived many years ago. To get there you can choose two ways: on foot and the person who gives you the tickets also gives you a map; or you can go by tram. In our opinion the best way is on foot as you can enjoy the beautiful view.

Palácio da Pena is such a colourful and beautiful place that we think it’s important to see with family and friends and of course it gives you a lot of culture!

Hope you enjoy your stay in Portugal !

 Catarina & Andreia

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