Zack’s Christmas Mishap

There were five guys studying in London at the University and they were best mates. Kevin was from Doncaster, Zack was from Bradford, Larry was from Holmes Chappel, Greg was from Mullingar and William from Wolverhampton.

It was the last day of school, it was snowing and they were going to spend their Christmas holidays at home.

At the airport they said goodbye to each other and they felt very sad because they weren’t going to see each other for two weeks.

Unfortunately, one of them was late for his flight and at the same time the doors were closing, Zack slipped on a banana and broke his leg. An old lady saw it and she started screaming. Then  two girls appeared to help the poor boy, they called the ambulance and the three guys went to the hospital.

The girls picked his phone and phoned his family and his friends. After a while the family appeared at the hospital and they were very worried.

The next day his mates went to see him and bought him a present, it was a dog! Then the dog ran into the girls’ direction. Larry was surprised because Zack was with two girls and it wasn’t normal.

One of the girls, Mary, said:

“Hi! My name is Mary!”

“Hi! My name is Larry! Pleasure to meet you!”

“Hey! I’m here too!” said Greg and Mia at the same time.

“And the one who broke his leg is me! This is not a party, this is a serious problem! Can you guys just shut up and cheer me up?” Zack protested.

“Ok, ok! We are here for you!” the rest of the guys said.

After a while the four guys and the girls had to left the hospital.

The next day, 23rd December, they went to visit Zack again. The doctor told a good new, Zack was going to leave the hospital that day!

Zack was very happy but he had a problem, he couldn’t go  home because there weren’t any flights left. So Kevin had an idea:

“Don’t worry Zack! Why don’t we spend Christmas together?”

“I’d love it! But I don’t want to bother you.”

“For us it is fine! And you girls? If you want you can come too!” William said.

“It’d be great! We are in!” Mia exclaimed.

It was Christmas time! It was snowing! The seven friends were together at Larry’s house. They sang songs, they gave each other presents… It was a wonderful day!

Merry Christmas!

Ana Margarida & Mariana F.


Super Boy

Once upon a time one girl was near a pool with her horse. The horse pushed the girl into the water and BOOM, her crown fell in the water. It made a loud noise. Superboy was walking in the wood when he saw a girl crying and crying and he came closer to see if everything was fine.

The girl told him that her crown fell in the lake. He dived into the water and he picked up the crown. The girl was very sad and she looked into the water to see if Superboy was OK.

Suddenly, the boy came up with the crown and give it to her. She was so happy that she kissed him. The girl went away into the wood riding her horse.

Mariana C, Ines S & José Pedro (J5 Saturday)

Super Boy

One day, a beautiful princess was crying near a pool because she lost her gold crown. She was very sad and that crown was very important for her because it reminded her of her mother, who died.

While she was crying, Super boy was walking in a wood and saw the little princess.  He knew what was happening because he saw the crown in the water. Then, he dived into the pool and tried to pick up the crown. When he had the crown, he gave it to the princess and she gave him a kiss, to thank him for his brave act. He was very happy and so was she.

She got on her horse, and rode away.

Ana & Sol (J5 Saturday)

Super Boy

One day a little magical princess was walking in the wood when she saw a horse. The horse was very sad so she decided to change it into a super boy.

A few hours later, she started crying because she lost her crown. While she was crying Superboy was walking in the wood and, luckily, he found her crown.

It was in the pool so he dived into the water and picked up the princess’s crown. When she saw her crown, the magical princess kissed Superboy. Unfortunately the magical spell ended so the boy changed into a horse again.

 Mariana P & Ana Rita (J5 Saturday)

Super Boy

A princess was crying next to a river because she lost her crown. She continued crying then a guy passed near a wood and he saw the river and a crown in a river and he jumped into the water.

He picked up the crown and he heard a BOOM. Finally he gave her the crown and the princess was very happy.

She kissed Superboy then the girl created a horse with magic. Then she went to her castle with her magic new horse.

José Miguel, Belo & Nikola (J5 Saturday)


Super Boy

Once upon a time a queen was walking in a wood when she saw a strange horse. She tried to touch him but he made a loud noise while she was getting near. She got frightened and unfortunately her crown fell into the water.

While she was crying near to the pool Superboy was walking in the same wood as her. When he got near to the pool he heard the queen crying and then he saw the crown in the water. Then he dived to pick up the crown to give her.

When he came up he gave the crown to the queen and she was very happy and to say thanks she kissed him on the cheek and rode away on the horse.

Maria H.; Inês C. And Francisca (J5 Saturday)

Super Boy

Once upon a time, a girl was riding her horse in a big, beautiful wood on a sunny day. Suddenly her horse stopped and was annoyed but she didn’t understand why. Then he walked away and she was alone.

A boy was having a walk in that wood on that day too. He saw a pool and he heard a loud noise “BOOM!!!” He was surprised and he saw a girl crying a lot because her crown sank into the pool. He thought that he could save it. He dived into the water to pick up her crown. Luckily he could pick it up.

Then he gave it to her and because she was very pleased she kissed him! Unfortunately she lost her horse but she met him!

Bárbara; Maria Inês; Helena (J5 Saturday)

Super Boy

A long, long time ago there was a super hero called Super Boy and he liked to walk by the river.

One time he found a girl crying by the river and he asked why. Then she told the whole story:

– I was looking at my reflection for hours, with my pony behind me, when my crown fell into the water. I can’t get my clothes wet because they are really expensive so now I’m crying….

-Oh!!! Poor girl!!! I’m gonna get it for you… Just wait a second… Oh!!! I just saw the crown.- Then Super Boy jumped into the river and get the crown.

The girl was so happy, so happy that she kissed him on the cheek… The boy was so surprised that he just disappeared with a big noise… BOOOOOOOM

The girl was too happy to care about where her hero was so she went away with her pony.

 Luisa & Ana Marta

Super Boy

Once upon a time a girl was crying because she dropped her crown into a pool. Superboy was walking in the wood when he saw her. He dived into the pool and picked up the crown. Then he gave the crown to the girl and she put it on her head. After that she kissed him and they heard a loud noise, then he changed into a horse. The girl rode away on the horse.

Francisca L, Francisca P & Marta


Super Boy

One day, one girl was playing next a pool when she dropped her crown. Super Boy was walking in the wood, and he saw the girl crying. He went to help her and the girl said:

-I was playing and I accidentally dropped my crown.  And Super Boy said to her:

-Relax. I will help you with my x-ray vision

The crown was very beautiful and shiny ,and was easy to find. Super Boy dived into the pool and found the crown. When Super Boy was in the pool the girl was very worried about him and was crying.   He came back to the surface and gave the crown to the girl. She was very happy and gave him a kiss to say thank you.

Seconds later the girl heard a big BOOM!!!! Super Boy changed into a horse and the girl got on him and they were very happy together.

Olavio and Iara


A beautiful princess was crying because she dropped her crown into a pool.

Superboy was walking in the wood when suddenly he saw the princess crying. He dived into the pool and he picked up the crown. The princess stopped crying when Superboy gave the crown to her.

        The princess kissed the boy and then they heard a loud “Boom” noise and he changed into a horse. She rode away on the horse.

Joana, Margarida & Marta

Super Boy

Once upon a time, a beautiful girl was crying because her crown fell down into the water. BOOM!!! Then Superboy appeared and he dived to rescue the crown. When he came out of the pool, he gave her crown to her. The girl felt happy and kissed Super boy. After that, she saw an amazing horse and rode away into a wood!

Ângela & Inês P

Super Boy

Once upon a time, Super Boy was walking in the wood when he saw a lake. He was going to the lake when the super hero saw a girl crying.

Super Boy went to the girl and asked her what happened.

The girl answered his question:

– I was looking at my reflection in the water when my crown fell into the water. Please, Super Boy, help me, please!

Super Boy jumped into the water and tried to find her object. Then after a few minutes, he found the crown and picked it up. When he went to the surface the girl stopped crying and went to him. The girl kissed the super hero and he was very happy with that

The girl jumped onto her horse and she went home.

The End

Luís and Inês C

Visiting Portugal

If it’s your first time in Portugal our advice for you is to visit two places.

The first place we think you should visit if you are the kind of person who likes nature is the natural national park in Gêres. When you go there you can see a lot of animals, plants, trees, rocks and a great view!!! The best time of year to go there is in the winter since it snows a lot and you can enjoy that special time with family and friends.

From our point of view if you are thinking of visiting Gerês you should spend more than one day because there are lots of activities to do!

The other place is in Sintra. It’s in the middle of the forest and is called Palácio da Pena. It’s a historical palace who tells us about the ancient times of Portugal. The best part is that you can understand how kings and queens lived many years ago. To get there you can choose two ways: on foot and the person who gives you the tickets also gives you a map; or you can go by tram. In our opinion the best way is on foot as you can enjoy the beautiful view.

Palácio da Pena is such a colourful and beautiful place that we think it’s important to see with family and friends and of course it gives you a lot of culture!

Hope you enjoy your stay in Portugal !

 Catarina & Andreia


If you want to visit a great country full of history and culture we recommended Portugal.

In this beautiful country you can visit a lot of museums. For example, in Lisbon, you can go to the natural history museum in the center of the city. We also recommended visiting Terreiro do Paço, which is a huge square next to the river in the west of the city. There you can relax and see the river.

If you don’t like history and culture, you can go to the beaches. Portugal besides being a historical and a cultural country also has a lot of beautiful beaches especially in the south of Portugal, in the Algarve.

If you are a teenager and you want to have fun you can go to Lisbon and Porto and have a great night.

If you want to relax you can go to Evora and Beja or Geres and see the great views of the National Park which is an area where the species are protected.

Carlos & Francisco