Information sheet: what to see and do in Braga

By Ana Cecilia Lopes

Welcome to Braga

Studying in a foreign country can be exciting but it can also be challenging to become accustomed to a different culture. Below, there is some information that will help you to adapt during your stay.

What to wear.

Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains, Braga’s climate is humid but temperate. In Winter and Autumn, the rainfall is high but the temperature is hardly ever below 0c. It is advisable to dress in layers and to wear warm coats, gloves and scarves.

In spring and summer, the temperature rises and the use of hats, sunscreen and cool clothes is recommended.

Getting Around

There are two main options to travel in Braga, the regular bus service or the more widespread, but expensive taxis.

Portuguese Customs

  • Usually, the Portuguese wake up at 7am or 8am and go to bed at 11 or 12 pm.
  • The Portuguese people have four meals per day: Breakfast at 8am, lunch at 1pm, a snack at 5pm and dinner at 8pm.
  • It is usual to eat occasionally in restaurants, especially at weekends.
  • It is common to go to a cafe after main meals.
  • Generally, the Portuguese arrive home after 6pm.
  • The Portuguese are reserved, spending the evenings mostly at home.
  • Family is important, hence there are a lot of family gatherings at important occasions.
  • The Portuguese are friendly and they treat their guests with kindness and respect.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at ********@******.com or at the student Association’s office located in the main building of the University.

Sleep Deprivation and Memory Loss

A good night’s sleep makes you feel better and it’s crucial to your brain’s ability.

During sleep, your brain is processing information and forming memories. So, if you don’t sleep you don’t consolidate your memory, your brain won’t be able to learn and retain new information.

For example, if you don’t sleep all night because you want to study, you might not be able to do the test because you won’t remember most things you studied during the night.

So, if you want to have a good memory, you should sleep the time that you need.

Ana Rita, Beatriz, Inês e Mariana.

How to improve your memory

Everyone can improve their memory, as long as you are not suffering from memory loss as a medical condition. If you want to improve your memory, there are a number of things you can do, for example:

  • You should eat a healthy diet: eat lots of fish, fruit, vegetables and drink lots of water. Don´t drink too much alcohol and don´t smoke because it makes your brain smaller.
  • You should get organised because if you aren’t, you forget things you have to do more easily. Write down your appointments and say them out loud at the same time to remember them better.

Sofia, Bárbara, Lara, Mariana.


Amnesia is the loss of memory for a short period of time usually caused by trauma, head injury or psychological problems.

Psychological problems, like depression, stress anxiety are present in many patients that have memory loss.

Head injuries and traumas can make a small cut in your head which stops the blood flow and your brain doesn’t receive oxygen and that leads to the death of brain tissue.


– Sedatives and some medications  may cause memory loss;

– Lack of Vitamin B1;

– Alcohol abuse;

– Hormonal changes are responsible for memory loss;

– And so forth …

João Pires, ,Mateus Melo Ferreira e Ricardo Viana

The best and worst jobs

   In our opinion, we think the best job in the world is being a doctor! We think this is wonderful because at the end of the day we say. “Oh. I’m so happy because I saved a lot of lives!”. But to be a doctor in the future, we have to study and work a lot!

As for the worst job, we believe that it is being a factory worker because you are ALWAYS doing the same thing, and if you are always doing  the same thing, that is boring. This job is bad because you work a lot of hours in a day, and we don’t have time to be with our friends or family…

Bárbara and Inês

The best and the worst jobs

We think that the best jobs in the world are doctor and police officer. Doctor is a good job because they help and sometimes save people. Police officer its one of the best jobs because they help the community and control the crime. But these jobs can be very hard, because every day they have different situations to resolve.

The worst jobs are mine workers and factory workers, because they are very hard and dangerous.  In mines, sometimes people died and in the factories there are many accidents and diseases.

Ana, Mariana P., Sol

The best and the worst jobs

In our opinion, the best jobs in the world are singer and actress/model because we can be in different very important places and cities for that kind of jobs. People know who we are and some really like us because of what we do.

The worst jobs are either to work in a factory or work under the ground, in mines. These jobs are very bad because in the factories we are always doing the same things and it’s very boring. Mines are very, very dangerous because if the roof falls we die. In the mines everything can happen and someday one of these catastrophes can kill lots of people.

Inês and Mariana

The best and worst jobs

For Ines the best job is doctor because this job helps a lot of people and makes a lot of money and for Helena is accountant because she loves Maths and money and she wants to be like her parents and sister and take care of her family business.

The worst job for Ines and Helena is one of the past, the chimney sweeps, because a lot of children died doing this job and none of them made money. In the present for Ines it’s a firefighter because they have to have a lot of courage to save people and put their lives at risk. And for Helena it’s a nurse because she thinks that they are the servants of the doctors.                                                                                                                                   Ines C and Maria Helena

The cookie monster manifesto

wordle Eat chocolate cookies. Be strong enough to don’t let others influence you. Resist. Be responsible enough to don’t wast money on unhealthy things. Be independent. Pay attention, will be worth it. Friends: they are all needed. Practice sports. Don’t hang out with bad influences. Choose the right way. Learning is important for life. Be economic.

Mónica, Mariana, Tiago

Love Life – Manifesto


Love is a problem, but that doesn’t mean that your love life is over!

Don’t search for the love of your life, you will get together some way!

Having love problems is a normal part of life.

Finding your love isn’t hard, just be yourself.

You just have to wait.

If you don’t feel loved, you’re lying to yourself.

If your relationship isn’t working, end it.

Love goes together with madness… SO DON´T DO ANYTHING STUPID!

Love is as simple as 1+1, people only make it more complicated.

Perfect relationship is made of honesty and kindness.

Jorge S., Leonardo A.

The nameless manifesto


Life is too short to be wasted, enjoy every minute.

Forget the past.

Give it time.

Live the moment.

Be crazy sometimes.

Don’t think too much.

Go to the beach.

Everything’s going to be okay in the end but if it’s not  it is not the end.

Eat chocolate.


Call a friend.

Think outside of the box.

Carolina & José

Happy Teenager Manifesto



Wake up a little bit earlier so you don’t have to run to school


Be happy!


Be patient!

Organize your time.

Hang out.

Meet new people.

Eat chocolat or cookies with chocolate.

Study… or at least try.

Be kind to others.

Pay attention… but not only in class.

Help old people, they may give you candy.


Party all day every day.

Work hard.

Be honest.

Be crazy.

Have fun.

Luísa, Sofia & Jorge


Our manifesto


Go back to sleep and wake up again with a new smile.

We are unique so everybody has a value.

Don’t study, do what you like.

Just smile.

Appreciate the good moments in life.

Be you!

Do everything you like even when people laugh in your face.

We are special…

Ana Margarida & João Luís

Teenager manifesto


Define your goals! Fight for them! Be better!
Enjoy yourself, so others can enjoy you too.
Trust less!
Be yourself, the others are already taken.
Solve your problems talking.
Do something different everyday.
Follow your heart.
Make decisions based on your beliefs.
Don’t let others put you down!
Don’t let routine take over your life.
Eat more ice-cream!

Beatriz, Carolina M. & Mariana F.


For us the worst jobs in the world are Chimney sweeps, Factory workers, Mudlarks and Mine workers.

People in London used to throw rubbish into the river Thames then the Mudlarks, who were children,  took the rubbish and they sold the things and bought food for themselves.

Factories needed lots of coal for their machines so boys and girls worked in very dangerous conditions in coal mines and many children died.

Small boys and girls between 5 and 10 years used to work chimneys and climb them. Often the chimneys were very small so climbing up them was difficult the children had lots of accidents.

José, Nikola and Belo