Our Music

In 1996, in Brasilia, Alexandre Carlo, a university student, because of the pressure of Brazilian reality started to play the guitar and sing alone to forget those problems.

One day, after a football game he met Wivaldino Morais (Juninho) with whom he started doing concerts in popular parties. Some time later they invited Luis Mauricio and Bruno Dourado, partners of the team to play percussion and bass. Thus were born Natiruts, initially Nativus, the name of the first album of this reggae band.

“Presente de um Beija-Flor” and “Sorri, sou rei” are two of the most famous songs of this band that made “Nativus” and “Raçaman” the most famous albums, too.

This year, in the Burial of Cat, Braga, Natiruts came here and give an awesome show. We had the opportunity to see them and we loved the concert. The energy and vibration that this band transmitted to the public was unbelievable and all of the concert and all through the night we couldn’t stop singing their songs and dancing to the rhythm of the music.

by: Maria and Barbara

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