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Hello, I’m Maria. I’m sixteen and my birthday is 30th April. I live in Amares, Braga, with my parents and my sister. She is twenty-one and she is student like me.

I study Science and Techonology, in the 11th grade. I’m an average student who can be better but is very lazy. Maths and Biology are my favourite subjects but I think that my course is very hard.

I have a dog called Lucy and she is a very cute water dog. In my free time I spend time with her, go out with my friends or listen to a lot of music. My favourite kind of music is rap but I listen to reggae, too. My favourite friends are from Barreiros, a big group of teenagers that I trust like no one, even though all the discussions that we have.

I think that I’m a funny person, who laughs very much and that cares with other people. I hate deceptions and false people. I’m always ready to help others and give the best of me.

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