Who I am…

Hi! My name is Bárbara. I’m from Portugal and I live in Maximinos, Braga with my family. I have one brother but no sister. His name’s Nuno and he’s twelve years old. I am fourteen years old. In my family the person who I admire is my mum. My birthday is 10th November. My best friend’s name’s Ana Rita, I love her!

In my free time I’m always drawing, listening to music and dancing… I love art!
In the future, I think I’ll be a designer or architect because I’ll start Arts at school in 10th grade.

My dream travel is Brasil but I wish travel around the world. My favourite kind of music is pop but also I like reggae.
I think I’m very cool, funny, loyal, sweet.. I haven’t many weak point, but sometimes I’m shy.
I have a pet ant it called Juca. It’s a canary!

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