First day at school by Cecília Lopes

I will tell you about my first day at school. I´ll never forget that day because it had such an impact on me. I was 10 years old at the time and I remember that I was very nervous and anxious but also excited to meet new friends. I went to school with my father and in that moment I was feeling calmer but when I arrived at school I started to have butterflies in my stomach. I looked at the school building and it seemed so big and there were so many people that I didn´t know. Although the atmosphere of the school transmitted a calm environment I was feeling anxious.

My father took me to a class room, where there were other students the same age as me, and told me to wait for the teacher. Then, he left me in the classroom and went away. I really wanted to talk to the other students but I was shy and I felt alone. I was about to cry but then I saw my friend on the other side of the room. I felt surprised when I saw him there. I went to say hello and when he saw me, he gave me a big smile. All my nervousness went away.

At first, I didn´t understand why we were alone in the classroom but then a teacher entered the classroom and started to explain to us how the school worked. After that explanation, the same teacher showed us around the school. I remember that after the visit I had classes but I don´t remember what they were about. The only thing I remember is the recess, where I made a few friends with the help of my old friend. In the end I felt really calm and happy and looked forward to another day at school.

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