My last holidays

Last July, me and my family went to the Algarve for one week. We went to the  Algarve by car . We stayed there in a apartment. We went to the swimming pool or beach and I went to the aqua park and swam with dolphins. I saw a beautiful flower, flamengos, crocodiles,dolphins and etc.. We loved and enjoyed holidays .

By Beatriz :3

Taylor swift

Taylor swift was  born on 13 December in 1986 , in Wyoming Penny Ivan. Now she lives in Rhode Island . Her first song was Lucky you and The Outside . Taylor sings country and pop music . She became famous at the age of 18. Her hit record is  « You Belong With Me» in 2009. Her films are «Valentine’s Day , Lorax and Taylor Swift Speak Now Word Tour Live ». By Marta and Beatriz *–*


We interviewed Janet. She is from Scotland, but she lives near Tibães. Her favourite day is Sunday because she doesn’t get up early, so she can relax. She gets up at seven o’clock because she goes to school, but at the weekend she gets up at eight o’clock. Her favourite food is lasagna and cherries. In her free time she likes reading books, working in the garden and playing with her dog. Her favourite sport  is swimming  and watching tennis.

Her eyes say summer and weekend!

By Beatriz & Marta


We interviewed Beverly. She’s from Toronto in Canada, she but lives in Braga. She’s 46 years old. Her favourite food is special pizza and Japanese food, she loves sushi. Beverly hasn’t got any brothers or sisters. In her free time she likes playing cats, reading, swimming and walking in the mountains. She hasn’t got any children, but she has got a stepdaughter. Her name’s Adriana and she’s 20 years old. Beverly usually goes shopping at the weekend. She can’t play football, but she can play volleyball.

By Duarte and Dorivaldo

When I met my brother by Ana Sofia Alves Sobral

I’ll never forget the first time I saw my little brother.

I was nine years old at the time. It happened  in summer.  I was staying with my grandparents in their house. Before I met my brother I bought many  things for him with my money, because my grandmother was giving me money every week to buy clothes, toys or books( because I love  reading ).

My father called me and he told me my brother was born.

At this moment I felt very happy and excited because I had  always  wanted  a little brother or sister, someone to play with me.

Afterwards, I went to see my new brother in hospital, and I felt very suprised and proud ( when I was with my friends in my house I always showed  them my brother) when I saw a little baby, he was very little and cute. But my mother and my brother had to stay in the hospital, so I  returned to my grandparents’ house and I had lunch with my family.

Now, he is six years old, and he is a little shy, calm, impatient,intelligent, funny  and he loves football,maths and the Braga football team. He is going to  the second grade in september

Although there  is a big age gap between me and my brother and We don’t always understand each other, I love him very much and I  always take care of him.


My First football match by Gonçalo Sousa

My first football match was when I was thirteen years old, all my friends were very nervous including myself because it was our first game and we were scared because when we arrived at the stadium the other players were very physically strong.

When the game started my team played badly because we were so nervous.

The other team scored the first goal and I felt even more nervous than before. At this time my team were very down so I tried to motivate them with a few words.

After the first half the coach said that this was the first time that we played and told us to calm down and relax because we had many games in the future. He tried to motivate the team and said that if we played well we could win the game.

When the second half began we were less nervous and I scored one goal and my friend scored another goal. It felt amazing and fantastic!

After the match we were very happy because we had won our first game and the team celebrated at a restaurant in Porto.


My first race by Vitor Esperança

I’ll never forget the first time I did an off-road race.

I was a young man who loved the nature,  all the mountains around Braga, like gerês, or cabreira mountains.

One day, when I was with my friend Américo, who had a car 4X4,  we heard some one say some things about a race in gerês, so, I told my friend Américo that we should  do  that, because he loves driving, and I knew the location of the race very well.

When the race began, I felt nervous because my knowledge about the gerês doesn’t are important. We had to follow the road-book organisation., but I thought that my knowledge about the nature would be fine for our orientation in the mountain’s roads, and I felt more comfortable.

At the end of race, we won, because most of the other people were lost in the mountains. I felt very proud and happy.

Since that day, my dream was to have a jeep. 5 years later, I could buy one. That’s the beginning of a passion I still have. I have had many experiences of travelling off-road around the World.


When I met my sister by Mariana Antunes

I´ll never forget the first time I met my sister, named Francisca. I was eight years old at the time and I was in school when she born. When I found out that Francisca was born I felt happy. My teacher only allowed me to meet my sister when the classes finished, so I went to Braga at the end of the day.

When I arrived at the hospital, me and my dad went to the room where my mother and my sister were and I felt very nervous because I didn´t know if she was nice or if only my parents would  like her. When I came in the room I saw a little girl sleeping and I was wondering if she was my little sister then I saw my mother and my grandparents. In that moment, I knew that the little baby was Francisca.

At the first, I loved Francisca and I thought that she was my new doll to play with. But, when I saw everybody playing with her and talking about her, saying she was nice and little, I was jealous of Francisca and I started crying a lot and I felt very upset.

Then, my mother talked to me and explained  that I had to share some things  with Francisca. I didn´t like the explanation so, I was angry but when I picked up my sister I felt happy.

So, in the end, I understood that I had to share some things with my sister and I didn´t mind because I could play with her toys too.

When I went home, I felt very happy because I had a new person to play with me.

First day at school by Cecília Lopes

I will tell you about my first day at school. I´ll never forget that day because it had such an impact on me. I was 10 years old at the time and I remember that I was very nervous and anxious but also excited to meet new friends. I went to school with my father and in that moment I was feeling calmer but when I arrived at school I started to have butterflies in my stomach. I looked at the school building and it seemed so big and there were so many people that I didn´t know. Although the atmosphere of the school transmitted a calm environment I was feeling anxious.

My father took me to a class room, where there were other students the same age as me, and told me to wait for the teacher. Then, he left me in the classroom and went away. I really wanted to talk to the other students but I was shy and I felt alone. I was about to cry but then I saw my friend on the other side of the room. I felt surprised when I saw him there. I went to say hello and when he saw me, he gave me a big smile. All my nervousness went away.

At first, I didn´t understand why we were alone in the classroom but then a teacher entered the classroom and started to explain to us how the school worked. After that explanation, the same teacher showed us around the school. I remember that after the visit I had classes but I don´t remember what they were about. The only thing I remember is the recess, where I made a few friends with the help of my old friend. In the end I felt really calm and happy and looked forward to another day at school.

My Grandmother!

Her name’s Isabel Gordinho and she is my grandmother.                                                                       She lives in Braga (Lamaçães). She’s retired. She is married and has five sisters, five children and two grandchildren.                                                                                I love talking to my grandmother.

I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂