“O livro” – Book review

The book “O livro”, by José Luís Peixoto, is an amazing book that can give us a new perspective of the Portuguese emigration to France back in 1960.

This book starts with a remarkable beginning that marks Ilídio, the main character, his mother leaves him when he’s just six, and he stays with Josué, a men that worked in construction. The story continues with a lot of funny moments like the time when Cosme, a friend of Ilídio, is caught naked in a river in Spain by  an civil guard.

The book is very interesting, and every page we read is like a new story, which is very addictive.


“Click” – film review

The film “click” with Adam Sandler is a very interesting comedy. It can stick us until the end of the movie.

It’s about a man who can pause, skip, return and replay his life with a little blue remote. He has a family (wife, daughter and son) and when he thinks that certain moments are boring or annoying, like arguments,  do babysitting and stuff like that he decides to skip those parts. However the remote starts to work by itself, doing whatever it wants until the moment of his death. Somehow at that time he can reverse things and come to the fist day that he saw the remote.

The film is perfect for those who love comedy, but it can turn a little boring with the excessive comedy.


Astérix & Obélix Mission Cleopatra

The film is set in Egypt.

One day, the Romans visited Cleopatra and made a challenge. The challenge was to build a palace in three days. Cleopatra decided a time for the builder to make the palace. If he failed the challenge he would be eaten by the crocodiles, so he decided get help from Astérix, Obélix and Getafix the druid to build the palace in time.

I liked the story line because it was very funny and exciting. I also liked the soundtrack.

Work done by Eva and Ana Xisca.