The biggest mistake

“ Michael closed the door and knew at that moment that he had made a terrible mistake.”

Michael was an athletic guy with no fear, he thought that no one and nothing could hurt him. But we all know that no one is unbreakable.

One day around three o’clock in the morning Michael was at home by himself or at least he thought he was. Michael started to hear some strange noises coming from his kitchen.  It seemed like someone was warming something in the micro wave. So Michael decided to get up and went to the kitchen and for his surprise nothing strange and no one was there except that there was a cup of milk warming in the micro wave……..

He got scared and got out of the house. In the moment that he closed the door he realised that he had made a terrible mistake.

Because he remembered that earlier his sister had asked him if she could sleep there for the night and she had the keys of the house.

By Ana Carolina FCE1 Saturdays

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