Review about Avenged Sevenfold’s album “Afterlife”

So this is my favorite album of all time – it’s breath-taking, energetic, deeply emotional and melodic at the same time. It actually reaches my heart, especially the chorus, which contains a soulful melody and very poetic lyrics.

There’s no competition for this album, “Afterlife” is by far the best, it reaches all the characteristics, which makes music apt for all tastes. It sells pretty well, not just in the USA, but also worldwide.

It actually lead us to a clear mind and helps us pull the trigger, as in being able to do something that we are in somehow stuck in, like a decision or a choice.

I really recommend this album, listening to its tracks is almost a gift from God, and ignoring it might be a ticket to hell.  Honestly, listen to these songs, you’ll be surprised and you’ll love it, I know it.

Muriel Pereira

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