“Primal Fear” Review

Primal Fear is an astonishing movie full of suspense from the first minute.

Edward Norton plays the role of Aaron, a young orphan that is though to have murdered a priest. Richard Gere plays the role of a famous lawyer who accepts Aaron’s defence. In order to build his case he has to investigate the murder himself, stumbling into webs of corruption and risking his own life.

This movie has an incredible Portuguese soundtrack that increases the suspense.

In conclusion this movie is worth your money and you will not feel that you have wasted it.

Augusto Peres

“Lioness” Review

For me the album “Lioness” from Amy Winehouse, released in 2011, is one of  her best albums. The album features unreleased songs and demos picked by Mark RonsonSalaam Remi and Winehouse’s family, including the first single, “Body and Soul“, with Tony Bennett. For me Amy  Winehouse is one  the best jazz/hip-hop singers, and in this album, in my opinion, the best songs in her new album are “Halftime”, “Body and Soul”, “Like Smoke” and “A song for you”. This was published right after her death, which was a pretty sad event in the history of music.

Dinis Pinto

Review about Avenged Sevenfold’s album “Afterlife”

So this is my favorite album of all time – it’s breath-taking, energetic, deeply emotional and melodic at the same time. It actually reaches my heart, especially the chorus, which contains a soulful melody and very poetic lyrics.

There’s no competition for this album, “Afterlife” is by far the best, it reaches all the characteristics, which makes music apt for all tastes. It sells pretty well, not just in the USA, but also worldwide.

It actually lead us to a clear mind and helps us pull the trigger, as in being able to do something that we are in somehow stuck in, like a decision or a choice.

I really recommend this album, listening to its tracks is almost a gift from God, and ignoring it might be a ticket to hell.  Honestly, listen to these songs, you’ll be surprised and you’ll love it, I know it.

Muriel Pereira

“Beyonce Experience” – Review

Even though I wasn’t personally at the concert, after watching the live DVD, it changed the way I personally saw Beyonce.

She isn’t just a good singer with an extraordinary vocal range (that can blow our mind), but an over powering passion in person.

Beyonce didn’t just sing her tracks, she tried to connect with her fans and made an electric, vibrant and fantastic environment by singing her songs perfectly, and popular songs of that time.

I truly, truly recommend the purchase of this live DVD, it’s worth it and probably it will change you too.


Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

In 2006 the Arctic Monkeys, composed of four members (Alex Turner, Mattew Helders, Jamie Cook and Nick O’Malley) from Sheffield, released their first album, which was the album that sold the most quickly in the UK ever.

Throughout the album, I have easily realized the quality of the lyrics and the complex drum work, fantastically performed by Matt Helders. Their rendition and performance is astonishing, as they prove to be one of the best bands in this genre when it comes to creating great melodies ,as well as beautiful guitar work.


Sumol Summer Fest’s Review

This was the first overpowering reggae concert I have ever had the pleasure of attending! The vibes of the concert were out of this world,and I truly felt relaxed as I listened to the greats such as Alfa Blondie or SOJA.

I was truly flabbergasted and most of all, it changed me. It was a perfect ending to the perfect day, which was full of the joys of reggae. Luckily the beer shack didn’t run out of beer!


Review of the New Muse Album “The 2nd Law”

Muse’s last album, The 2nd Law (2012), is one of the greatest albums of 2012. I like everything about this album, with songs that are so thoroughly etched in my brain that I could concentrate for a period of time and play through the entire album in my head.

I´ve seen and heard that Muse are changing style, and it’s confirmed with the latest release of the album The 2nd Law, and their music is becoming more “commercial” with each album’s release. The best album of all of them is the third album called Absolution (2003), which is the true style of the band, very different from the album that they’ve just released that includes the stunning single Madness, that consists of vocals with a bass-line and a couple of guitars.

Jorge Ramos

“Sigh No More” Review

Mumford and Sons are an English rock band, formed by Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, “Country” Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane. Their music variety is really astonishing due to the instruments used.

In 2009, Mumford and Sons released their first official album, Sigh No More. The album reached number one in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. And it is, indeed, a really good one. The album begins with the single “Sigh No More”, which is really calm and musically complex. Then comes “The Cave” which is, as far as I’m concerned, the bands’ best known song. Afterwards, there are great songs, such as “Winter Winds”, “Little Lion Man” and “Dust Bowl Dance”. However, my favorite one is “White Blank Page”, it is really great.

Rita Costa


We chose Braga because it’s our city. Braga is a valley in the North of Portugal, in the Southwest of Europe and in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s near the border with Spain, which forms the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal.

Our city is famous for being the European Capital of Youth and for its gastronomy. It’s also famous for its history in the Roman Epoch.

In the outskirts there is a small industrial area. There are big malls, but no sandy beaches. We celebrate S. João fair and the Roman Market.

Braga is not too crowded, but there are lots of tourists during the year, it’s not a romantic city, but there are some interesting places with beautiful views like Bom Jesus.  It’s peaceful and there’s not too much pollution.

Our favourite places are Bom Jesus, Sameiro, Braga Parque and our homes.

Back in Salazar’s time street names were different. 25 de Abril’s Avenue, was Salazar’s Avenue years ago. Now there are no trams, but in the past there was one. In our point of view the city is much better now.

Sofia, Carolina & Tiago

M/W 18.50h / 20.10h


London is one of the most populated and famous cities in the world. It’s in northwest Europe and it is part of the UK.

The Thames River crosses the city, it has a huge underground system and big red buses. Wembley stadium and Heathrow airport are situated in the suburbs of London.

It has a big industrial area too. It’s a really crowed city with many tourists from everywhere.

photo by @pysproblem81 on http://www.flickr.com/photos/eltpics/

Margarida, Ana Margarida and Claudia.