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One night a couple was going to a friend’s house when they got lost in the thick fog. It was very late and they didn’t have a place to stay the night. Suddenly, after a long search, they saw an isolated house and they decided to ask for help.

An old man came to the door and  he asked if they needed a place to stay the night. They answered that they did and offered to pay, but the man, very politely, offered to help them for free. The couple spent the night there and in the morning they had lunch with the man and with his wife. They thanked them very much and they continued their trip .

After two days they arrived at their friend’s house when the woman realized that she had forgotten a very important envelope in the house where they spent the night. They went there fast, but they didn’t find the house, they just found some ruins. There was a restaurant some miles from the isolated house and they decided to go there to ask what had happened to the elderly couple. The restaurant owner explained that, unfortunately, there had been a fire and everything turned into ashes. The couple realized that the house owners’ were dead because they saw a newspaper headline informing the tragic accident. The couple felt bad for them because they were very nice people and didn’t deserved what happened.

To honor the dead couple, they decided to buy the burned-out house and reconstruct it to make a new house.

João & Carolina (M/W)

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