The haunted burned house

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Once upon an time, a young couple were searching for a place to spend the night. They were driving through the thick fog, when they saw the lights of a house in the middle of nowhere. They parked the car and then  they asked a man if they had a room to spend the night and the man said yes. The couple offered money but he refused. After that the man invited them to have dinner with him and his wife. Before morning the man left an envelope on the window. In the morning the couple went to a place called “Joe’s Dinner” to have breakfast. There the owner asked them where they had slept, and the young man said the they had slept in a house back there, but the owner said that the house had been destroyed by a fire  fifteen years ago. Surprised, they went back to the old couple’s house and when they got there, the house was with the roof destroyed, the door was full of termites holes, the windows were broken and weeds were so big that they covered the porch.The young man entered the house and in the kitchen window there was a scorched envelope  that the old man had left the night before. Suddenly the crossbeam fell, the house collapsed and the young couple were caught in the disaster, so they died and no one discovered there bodies.

Two months later, in the same house, another couple appeared. They knocked on the door and the old man suddenly appeared and to answered the door….

Tiago and Jorge (M/W)

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