the crime of burn-house

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One foggy night, a couple – Joaquim and Joana – drove along a creepy road searching for shelter, when suddenly they found a old house with the lights on. They knocked on the door and fortunately a nice old men called Atilano welcomed them into their house.They met his wife Adelina, they ate with them and gradually they got to know each other.

After dinner they went to the room that was chosen by Atilano. The couple wanted to pay them but they said “No! I don’t want your money!” The couple went in the room and they went to sleep. The next day they woke up early and left an envelope with money near the window. Obviously, the couple searched for a cafe to have breakfast and when they arrived they had coffee and the maid gave them the newspaper and suddenly their heart stopped. To their surprise, when they left the house began to burn for no reason at all. Unfortunately, they found out that Atilano and Adelina died. Immediately, the couple reacted, they went to the car and drove as fast as they could to the house to search for clues about the crime, but they only found the now burnt envelope with the money because the other things where in ash.

The cops thought that they were responsible for that act, so they ran to the airport and they stole tickets to Mexico (Cancun) and they left happy for ever and ever.

Sofia and Rogério

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