A tragic house fire

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Two years ago, a couple went to a cafe in an unknown localisation to ask to the employer to a place to sleep, because they were in a trip to Algarve and they were very tired. Then the employer said to the couple that there was a house in the end of the street.

They took the advice of the employer and they go and search for the house.It was night and he road was cover by the fog.

When the couple arrived to the house, they talked to the owner of the house and he gave them a bedroom to the couple. The couple wants to pay, but the owner rejected the money.

In the next day, the couple had breakfast with the owners. Then they went to the room to tidy up their stuff. They left there an envelope with some money to pay and a letter thanking for the stay.

When the couple arrived to the city, they went to the cafe, where they found a newspaper that said that the owners of the house die in a tragic house fire. They went to the room  were they slept and they found the envelop with the money burnt. They were very sad.

Jorge and Margarida (M/W)

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