A burned house

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One night, a couple, Jiornado and Miquelina, were driving a car in the middle of no where and sudently they found an isolated house, so they decided to knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“We are Jiordano and Miquelina and we are lost. Can you help us?”

“Sure. Come inside and eat with us.”

“Thank you very much.”

While they were eating they were talking about how had they met each other and about their jobs…At the end the old man invited them to sleep there because it was dark and they couldn’t see anything.

Before they went to sleep, the old man thought that they were good people so he wanted to give them the house when he and his wife died, so he offered them an envelope with the will.

The next day the couple went home. Five days later they were in a café and, while they were having breakfast, they saw in the newspaper the title “Local couple die in tragic house fire”, so they decided to go to the old couple’s house and they had an awful surprise. The couple in the newspaper were their friends. They saw the destroyed house and they went in and they set their eyes on the burned envelope with the will inside. The envelope was left in the house.

Cláudia and Guilherme (M/W)


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