A windy day

Last summer Bob and Anna went to a campsite in England.They were happy and excited about their holiday. When they arrived at a small village it was sunny and warm.

After seeing the campsite they went to visit the castle. The Castle was very old and big; they say the king lived here for a long time. The castle had  3 rooms, 1 big bedroom for the king and his wife, another bedroom for their children and 1 dining room. There were also old objects like weapons, the kings goblet and the kings crown.

They took a lot of pictures of the castle to show their family. When they left the castle they went to have dinner in the main square.

While they were having dinner the weather changed and the sun disappeared. They felt angry because it was their only day in the village. When they arrived at the campsite it started raining and it was very windy.

They tried to put up the tent but it was too windy and rainy. So, they decided to sleep in the car. And the next day in the morning they decided go home.

José Carlos and Pedro

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