Meet Margarida

My classmate’s name’s Margarida, she is a student. Her friends call her Gui Gui. She was born in Braga on 10 October 1998.Her colour hair is brown and she is 1.60m tall. Margarida has one sister whose name is Beatriz and one brother whose name is Paulo. They are  younger than her. She is not married and she hasn’t got a boyfriend. In her free time Margarida usually watches TV. She loves eating Pasta so it  is her favourite food. Coldplay is her favourite band and she often listens to her music to relax. The kind of clothes she sometimes likes to wear is T-shirts and jeans. She enjoys watching films and her favourite film is ” A melodia de adeus”. Margarida doesn´t have a hero or an idol. She doesn´t have any ambitions yet.

Gabriela Alves

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