Meet Diogo

Diogo is a normal student. His friends call him by his nickname Quintela or Quim.

He was born in Braga on January 21st 1997, so he’s 15 years old. Diogo is 1.71m tall and he’s got brown hair.

He has one sister and her name is Maria. He isn’t married and he hasn’t got a girlfriend.

He goes to Externato Infante D. Henrique in Braga.

In his free time, he likes playing football, playing tennis and playing computer games.

He has one dog called Kiki. His favourite food is ‘Happy Meal’ and his favourite band is Linkin Park. Normally he wears shirts and jeans.

Diogo doesn’t like the film ‘Titanic’ and he hasn’t got anyone in special as a hero. His ambitions is to have good marks.

By Carolina (Post-Elementary)


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