I went to Azores in July 2009 with my boyfriend and his parents.  We flew with TAP.   We stayed for two weeks in my boyfriend’s uncle’s house.  During the day we walked around the Island Terceira.  We saw all the famous places like the Gruta do Algar do Carvao, the Caldeira de Guilherme Moniz and the Furnas among other places of great natural beauty.  We also saw the festivities of the Holy Spirit (Espirito Santo) that are a perfect example of the strong tradition that has been maintained on this Island.  We also saw the typical bull races (touradas a corda).  We took a lot of photos.  At night we went to bars.  We bought postcards, some regional cheeses and desserts and some wines and liquors from the wine museum.  We had a great time.  I recommend it because it’s very calm, the ideal place to rest.  Nice beaches and fantastic places.

Carina Silva

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