I went to Dubai in March 2010 with my family and with my friends.  We went by plane.  We stayed in a beautiful and luxurious hotel – the Atlantis Hotel.  It’s very nice because we can see an aquarium.  We were there for one week.  We travelled around the country by taxis.  I saw extraordinary architecture, beautiful sunsets and nice people.  We bought some magnets, a painting and a cup.

I recommend it because it’s exciting.  The people are really friendly and the weather is great.  Dubai is very nice because there are a lot of activities in the water.  The country is really a new world.

Susana Barbosa


I went to Brazil in January 1997.  I went by plane. I stayed in Sao Paulo and Beztioga in my family’s house.  I stayed for one month.  I went out every night until morning and in the afternoons I went to the beach. I saw many “favelas”.  I bought many Havianana sandals and bikinis.

I recommend it because it’s exciting and the weather is tropical and beaches are beautiful.



I went to Sardenha in Italy in August 2009.  I went with my husband by plane and boat.  We stayed in a big and typical hotel next to the beach.  We were there for five days.  We travelled around the island.  We went sunbathing, swam and I saw the best boats in my life.  I didn’t buy anything, typical souvenirs, but I bought some clothes.

I recommend it because it has good beaches, good food and nice people.

It was the best holiday of my life.

Isabel Sá

The 1920 IH

We think IH was very different in the 1920s. At that time the school was a home. We think a rich and big family lived in IH; it was composed of 10 people.

The family’ s hobbies were playing with marbles, socializing in the living room and they also used to collect unusual old jars.

The mom was a housewife to take care of the children with the help of a nanny. The dad was a businessman who made lots of money and was always out of town. The children used to study together and they were all great students, but when they didn’t have homework they played football or (for the girls) they played with dolls.

The family was very disorganized so the nanny made a lot of money. They used to go to the Opera, to the theater, library, museum and sometimes to the cinema. In the holidays they went to Paris, London and Rome.

They were very popular in Portugal and around Europe because of their father. But they didn’t care about that because they were a very intelligent, and happy family!

João Luís e Álvaro


A Friend

A friend is a person that is sensitive and understanding as a person. No-one is better than him and he is there in the best and the worst moments.

A friend is very talkative and open-minded and when you have a problem, he listens carefully to you and advises you. A true friend is always there, and is someone who shows they care A true friend is someone you can always trust and depend on.

Alexandre and Rogerio

A friend

A friend is a person that is always there in good and bad moments. A friend always helps you when you need and when you don’t need. With him or her you can have the best moments in your life; you can play computer games together, go for a walk together and do almost everything together. A friend can be sensitive when you need, like when you did a bad thing and he helps you saying: don’t worry, everything will be ok!

In conclusion a friend is the best thing you can get and is completely FREE.

Pedro & José

What is a friend?

                A friend is someone we can trust in, someone that we know will always be there in the bad and good moments, and who cares about us. They need to be an honest and serious person but also funny to bring joy to our lives.

                They must be sensitive and sensible and a good listener and patient too. We don’t need to express our feelings by words because they already know how we feel.  Although they don’t judge us for what we are, they aren’t afraid to tell the truth.

Mónica and Maria

What is a friend?

A friend is like a brother or sister because is someone who is similar to your family and you can trust. When you have a problem and you need help to resolve it, you can ask him or her. He or she can make you happy and makes you laugh when you are sad. A friend is a person who doesn’t stay with you only in the good moments but in bad moments too. If you want anyone to give you advice, a friend will be the best choice.

In conclusion, for us if we don’t have any friends, it won’t be easy to live.


Mariana & Patrícia


A friend is like part of our family. A friend knows lots of things of our life and all of our secrets. We know we can trust them and they also know that they can trust us. Actually, friends know each other very well. We trust them because they always supported us and told us very true things when we are sad.

 We and our friends have spent lots of funny, happy and even sad moments. We can always count on them! They are always there for us, even in the worst moments. Any time, any where, they are there. Whenever we need them, we just have to call and they come straight to us.


A friend is …

A person, or an animal in some cases, that we can trust, because he or she gives us confidence and supports us when we feel bad. Sometimes they can be like our family.

Friends give us lots of things like: money, food, love and other stuff. But sometimes friends can be bossy, nasty, stupid and sometimes they do things that can make you think if he or she really is your friend. On the other hand, they can surprise us with things that you would never in no way think that they would probably do.

João and Tiago


… a person that helps us in the worst moments.

… a person that listens to us like a confident person and gives us advice to be a better person in the future. It’s a person that you can count on  all moments of your life.

A good friend is friendly, sociable, sensible, charming, affectionate and self-confident. A good friend should be talkative but not too much. He or she should be patient and honest.

Finally after all the weaknesses that the person can have, they are always our best friends.


Sofia & Carlos


  • You shouldn’t be a rude person;
  • You must respect the teacher and the other students;
  • You have to do the homework;
  • You mustn’t forget to bring the books;
  • If you want to be a good student, you have to study;
  • You mustn’t talk in classes;
  • You aren’t alowed to leave in the middle of the lessons;
  • You have to turn off your cell-phones;
  • You can’t write or draw in chairs and tables;
  • You have to do all the lessons exercises;
  • In computers room you should be patient and wait when the computers go slow;
  • You aren’t alowed to fight in classes.

Fernando & Catarina


In the classroom you should organise your materials, for example, use the space under your chair.

To get better grades in your writing test you ought to have an out of the box idea.

Don’t forget to do your homework, or your marks will reflect that.

Always have a good behaviour in the classroom.

Ask your teacher if you have any doubts.


Miguel, Nuno


In your classroom you should respect your teacher and your classmates, by being polite to everybody and to do what your teachers tell you to do. Be nice and don’t be rude or the others will be rude for you too, and you won’t like that! Other thing that you shouldn’t forget to do is your homework, otherwise the teacher will be angry at you and all your classmates will be listening to him as well. Never irritate a friend of yours because that can start a fight between you two. You should keep your things with you to avoid losing your material or damage it. You can talk a little bit to your partner but not loud and never when your teacher is talking!

Leonor and Marta


  • You shouldn’t be rude.
  • You should pay attention in class and behave well too.
  • You should study as much as you can.
  • You should respect school rules.
  • You mustn’t destroy school property.
  • You mustn’t raise your voice to teachers and classmates.
  • You should organize your material.
  • You mustn’t laugh in the classroom.
  • You mustn’t resort to violence.
  • You shouldn’t access Facebook during the computer classes.

Daniel and Pedro