Where we live…

Matilde: My house has 8 floors. The walls are white and grey. It’s round.

Gonçalo: My house has 5 floors. The walls are yellow.

Elsa: My building is big. It has 6 floors. It’s beige.

Leonor: My house is yellow. It has 4 floors and a big balcony.

Matilde G: My house is big. I live on the 4th floor. It’s yellow. My house is number 15.

Sara: My house has 8 floors. It’s very big. The walls are white.

My laptop

One thing I’d hate to be without is my laptop. It was given to me by my dad in 2010 Christmas holidays. It’s black and quite thin

It’s really important to me because I have everything there like music, photos, etc. With my laptop I can inform and amuse myself and I can also do school work, so I get better marks.

I’d really be lost without it.


An object I love

An important thing for me is a football ball that is kept in a closet and is an official ball that was given to me by my dad.

My dad gave me the ball last summer holidays and I was delighted to see an official ball that was used by the athletes.

It is an adidas ball and it is mainly white with adidas written on it and it is so important that it has never left the closet.


My hip-hop outfit

One thing that I couldn’t live without is my hip-hop outfit. I have had it for 3 years now and it is purple and black. Although it is getting small, I can’t give it away because it reminds me of all the competitions that I have been in because I wear it when I’m dancing on a special occasion. This hip hop outfit has a sentimental value for me because I love dancing hip hop and it reminds of all the happy moments when I’m dancing so I really love it!


My earrings

One thing that is very important to me is a pair of earrings. They were given to me by my grandmother and they represent my family because in every generation the mother gives them to the older daughter. The earrings are made of silver and have a diamond, so they are very valuable. I love these earrings but I can’t wear themt. They remind me of the smile of my grandmother and all the moments with her.


My best friend

My best friend’s name is Mariana. We met in International House three years ago. She is in my school. The first time we met, I thought she was a little bit shy, but then we became really good friends and I discovered that she was really cool.

She’s nice, honest and amusing. We have a good time together. We like the same kinds of things: music, sports, animals, food, club… and we’ve got the same dream. We’ve never had an argument  and I think it’s because we have the same tastes.

We usually talk a lot to each other and I can tell her everything because she won’t tell anyone. Unfortunately, we don’t go out together, because we can’t. But I wish that we had more time to be together.

Ana Margarida

My painting

I couldn’t live without a painting I did last year. It’s a joker with some cards. It’s quite big and it’s painted with oil on canvas. I love it because I worked on it for about three months, every Friday for two hours in my art classes. I like it very much because when I started doing it I didn’t believe that I could finish it with success, but I did! I love it! It’s a copy of a painting by a Spanish painter and it’s beautiful with all those warm colours.

Marta, A4y

My best friend

My best friend is Sofia. I have known her for a year ago since summer camp. I confess, my first impression isn’t good but when I met her I love her personality. We have many things in common so I don’t know in which ways we are different. We’ve always had the best relationship, never fallen out about anything.

Sometimes we go to cinema or go to the shopping center, but normally  we go to her house or mine.

I love my best friend. She is very friendly. 


My Best Friend

My best friend name is Bruno and we first met at school, on the beginning of the last  school year. At first I think that he was quite shy, but with time that characteristic disappeared. I like him because we have a lot of thing in common, but we’ve also different likes.I thing we haven’t fallen out, because we didn’t like to replay some commentaries made by the other. Together, we like to go to the cinema, talk about football, computer games and funny things that happened at school.


Hi! I’m gonna talk about my dear dear dear friend called Margarida. I don’t why I actually like her because she is always treating me wrong, and that really hurts! Whatever, I have her in my life since 2010 when I got  International House. When I saw her I thought that I have seen her before and I was right because she was at 7F. She have braces just like me so I LOVE HER !! She thinks that I am a bit crazy but she is too so we’re always laughing and Ana may be tired of us, sorry Ana! Well, Margarida is a good friend so I think we just fell out once a long time ago, and after that we have never spoken again.


My Best Friend

I’m going to talk about my best friend. His 14 years old and his name is Luís. I have known him for 4 years or so. I met him at
school because we were at the same class and sat next to each other. Since the biggining I have got a great impression of him. We have a lot of things in commun such as play the same sports and the same computer games, and we like the same school subjects and friends. We do loads of things together like playing sprots and games together and going out with our friends.



My best friend

My friend’s name is Fernando but I usually call him Nando, I’ve known him for about 8 years. I met him in school  because he´s in my class. My  first impression of him was good because he broke his arm on the first day of school. He´s cheerful and loves football. We  don´t have a lot of things different – he is very similar to me. We don´t have a lot of fights or arguments. And we do a lot of things such as play sports and games together,…

My best friend

My best friend’s name is Pedro and I’ve known him for about 3 years. We met in English lesson and we were talking about our likes and hobbies, and I noticed that our likes were similar. When he joined my class he was quite shy and didn’t talk too much, and I thought he was a nerd or something like that but then we met each other and we became friends. I am a better student than him and he is a lot crazier than me but we are very equal in our personality. We have the same taste in music and movies and we have telepathy. Sometimes we fall out but it’s for a very short time. We do crazy stuff together, confidential stuff…